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Warming It Up with Patio Heaters

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Infratech Electric Heaters

Don’t let a little cool weather drive you away from using the patio. With well-placed and even stylish patio heaters, one can keep their patio active well into the autumn months. So instead of fighting the weather, embrace it with these patio heaters.

Looking for an efficient heater? Infratech’s electric heaters convert over 90% of input energy directly into infrared radiant heat, and they operate for just pennies per hour. The electric heaters are safe for outdoor or indoor use, operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors, and do not require ventilation.

The Vintage Series by Patio Comfort from AEI

The Vintage series by Patio Comfort from AEI combines the classic and elegant design elements of old-world, handcrafted aluminum components integrated beautifully into the latest in safety-oriented, functional, high-performance, long- lasting comfort heating products. The textured finish and color are designed to complement and enhance your outdoor entertaining and dining areas.

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