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Hip Hearths: A Modern Approach to Fireplaces

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Lennox's Montebello® ST

At one time, a brick fireplace and mantel were considered contemporary; as times change, so does the definition of contemporary style. What was a contemporary fireplace design five years ago might well be passé now. Two companies that offer the contemporary look are Lennox Hearth Products and Hearth & Home Technologies.

The Lennox Montebello ST is a see-through fireplace allowing the consumer to enjoy the crackling flames from inside or outside. It features a high-definition split-oak log set, a choice of 6 liner styles, free-standing screens and andirons. The Montebello provides 60,000 BTU/hr for superior flame height with a 50 percent turndown capability. Installation is easy and the Montebello has been tested for weather resistance and structural soundness. A Limited Lifetime Warranty also protects all Montebello ST fireplaces.

Heat & Glo's Solaris 36-MR by Hearth & Home Technologies

At Hearth & Home Technologies, Heat & Glo is one lineup that caters to the contemporary crowd. The Solaris 36-MR has a patent-pending transparent Razor burner positioned at the center of the fireplace, producing flames that appear to be suspended in mid-air. The fireplace is outfitted with LED lighting and mirrored glass, creating a dramatic illusion of continuous levitating flames dancing into infinity.

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