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Pellet Stove Sales Expected to Rise

Manchester Pellet Stove by HearthStone

Many specialty retailers are expecting an increase in pellet stove sales as the fall season approaches.   With unpredictable fuel prices and product advances, pellet stoves have a chance to rise in popularity this burn season.  At least this is what David Kuhfahl, president of HearthStone Stoves, predicts. Increased home-improvement spending is also expected to drive pellet stoves this fall.

“More confidence will encourage the sale of higher-end products, which is good for us,” says Kuhfahl.  While HearthStone Stoves continues to put out high quality products, they also continue to raise the standards to meet EPA certification.

HearthStone’s Heritage Pellet stove has one of the highest heat outputs in the market.  It is also one of the most efficient, up to 86%.  It can heat up to 2,000 square feet and can hold up to 50 pounds of pellets.  The Manchester Pellet stove is also made by HearthStone.  Like The Heritage, it also has one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.  It features a 169-inch viewing glass so the consumer can enjoy beautiful flames.

Whether it’s buying a new home or fixing up an old one, a pellet stove can make a great addition to any room.