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The Facts About Glass

SCHOTT ROBAX® Mirror glass-ceramic featured on Stellar Hearth Products

When purchasing a fireplace or stove that uses glass, there are a number of important factors to consider about the type of glass that is used. Heat and fuel efficiency, safety, and upkeep are some of the top concerns that consumers have when it comes to picking a fireplace with glass.

SCHOTT ROBAX has been a leader in the fireplace glass industry and their glass ceramic has been satisfying customers for years. Karen Elder, Marketing Manager for SCHOTT ROBAX, says, “Fireplaces without a glass panel are energy heat hogs. Between 60% and 85% of their heat goes straight up the chimney.”

When considering a closed fireplace or stove that produces high heat levels, ceramic glass is essential because it withstands higher temperatures. The EPA has even determined that glass ceramic hearths and stoves are energy efficient.

Elder also stated that another major benefit of having a closed fireplace with glass ceramic is enjoying the fire without “worrying about smoke, sparks, furniture damage, or little hands accidentally getting into hot embers.”

So whether your customer is getting a new fireplace or repairing an old one, glass ceramic from SCHOTT ROBAX will make a substantial difference in its efficiency and safety.



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High Performance, High Heat

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas range from Bromic Heating

As the leaves change to their brilliant hues of yellow, red and orange, it’s time to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the colors. A powerful, eco-friendly outdoor heater is the best way to extend the outdoor-living season.

There are a variety of outdoor heaters in the market that can fit each customer’s needs. But for customers looking for a heater that is powerful (as well as unobtrusive), the Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas range by Bromic Heating is exactly what they’re looking for. In the past, most patio and backyard heaters were bulky and unpleasant to the eye. But Bromic Heating offers a one-of-a-kind heater that features a streamlined appearance and powerful performance.

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas range is wind and water resistant, has an electronic ignition, easy-pivot directional heat, and is adaptable for wall or ceiling mounting. The Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas is available in 300 and 500-burner models and both are available in Propane or Natural Gas.


Bromic Heating

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Is Your Fireplace Ready?

Ironhaus' New Freestanding Fireplace Screen

With the colder months definitely upon us, fireplace use is on the upswing. But before settling around a cozy fire, it’s important to make sure our fireplaces are functioning properly.  Many home fires caused by fireplaces can be prevented by simple inspections and cleaning.

Wood Burning Tips:

  • Have the chimney cleaned.
  • Check any gasket material and replace it if necessary.
  • If your wood burning fireplace comes with a blower, be sure to clean it.
  • Replace any broken or deteriorated brick lining.

Gas Burning Tips:

  • If your gas burning fireplace comes with a blower, have it cleaned.
  • Have the gas fireplace serviced by a qualified technician.
  • Replace the batteries in any remote transmitters and the receivers as well.

Napoleon's New IR Series Direct-vent Gas Fireplace

And finally, the biggest thing to remember is to check the batteries in any smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors to be sure they are working properly.

We want people to enjoy their fireplaces comfortably and safely this fall and winter season, so please pass on these tips to your customers.



Napoleon Fireplaces

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BBQ Gets Personal

One of the reasons barbecue is exciting and fun is due to the various regional styles one can incorporate when grilling or smoking meats. Depending on where one resides, the idea of the perfect barbecued piece of meat can differ wildly. From Texas barbecue with its emphasis on rubs to tangy, saucy Kansas City barbecue, there’s a style for everyone to enjoy. So if you are looking to try out some Memphis-style ribs or North Carolina pulled pork, you’ll need a top-notch grill to help you out.

Broil King Imperial XL from Onward Manufacturing

The Broil King Imperial XL from Onward Manufacturing comes with over 1,000 square inches of total cooking space with stainless-steel dual-tube burners, and solid stainless-steel cooking grids.  The Broil King Imperial XL provides superior heat control and tremendous cooking versatility in two independent ovens, along with full extension drawers and cabinet doors optional storage space.

Fire Magic Smoker from RH Peterson

R.H. Peterson recently introduced the new Fire Magic Smoker.  This commercial quality, stainless steel, high capacity Smoker perfectly smokes meats and vegetables using charcoal or wood chunks.  A digital thermometer monitors the Smoker temperature, while an attached meat probe tracks food temperature.  Multiple air and smoke vents allow precise temperature levels from start to finish.

RH Peterson

Onward Manufacturing

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Porches in Motion

Telescope Casual’s Leeward Deep Seat Cushion Swivel Hidden Rocker

Patio furniture has advanced technologically, as well as aesthetically, in the last few years.  Now manufacturers are making chairs and loveseats with motion, a modern interpretation of the rocking chair.  So if a customer is looking for something contemporary and comfortable (but with movement) for their porch or backyard patio, here are some ideas that might help them.

Homecrest's Dual Motion Loveseat - Trenton

Homecrest has added another layer of comfort to three of their Deep Seat Collections.  The Dual Motion Loveseat has now been added to their Midtown, Trenton, and Tribeca Deep Seating groups.  Along with added motion, they have also added width and depth.  The Dual Motion Loveseat is available in all Homecrest Deep Seating fabrics and durable frame finishes.

An updated version of the rocking chair, The Leeward Deep Seat Cushion Swivel Rocker from Telescope Casual is ideal for lounging on the porch or by a fire pit.  Not only does it swivel, but it also moves independently so you can rock at your own pace.  It is constructed of their MGP recyclable HDPE and contains up to 30% recycled resin. It is available in 5 MGP colors and a wide range of cushion fabrics.



Telescope Casual

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Umbrellas Keep Evolving

Collar-tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden

Customers are becoming far more selective about their shade solutions than in the past. They want umbrellas that will complement their unique settings and lifestyles. They also have specific preferences about fabric color, design, and even construction. Umbrellas are no longer just used for creating shade—they’re part of the overall design of an outdoor setting. To meet these demands, manufacturers offer a wide variety of umbrellas.

The collar-tilt collection from Treasure Garden is one example of how far outdoor umbrellas have come. This premier collar-tilt style makes shade as easy as twisting the collar once the umbrella is cranked up and tilting the canopy to obtain infinite degrees of shade and comfort.

Amalfi Umbrella from Caravita

Caravita continues to provide versatile, high-fashion umbrellas. The Amalfi pendulum cantilever has a powerful arm that lifts its shade high above any outdoor dining table or seating area. It offers an unobstructed view with the options of rotating 360 degrees or being permanently affixed to any deck surface or even wall mounted.

In today’s challenging economy, some umbrella manufacturers have found success marketing to the contract/hospitality sector. Whether it’s a homeowner or hotel owner, customers are demanding stylish and versatile umbrellas to meet their shade needs.


Treasure Garden


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Rugs: Some Added Warmth

The Tides Collection from Couristan

Outdoor rugs are not mere accessory items. They can transform the entire look of an outdoor area by softening up the space and providing warmth under foot. As the temperatures drop and customers start looking for ways to warm up their outdoor spaces, you can steer them to outdoor rugs. There are many manufacturers that offer outdoor rugs, but today’s post features rugs made by Couristan and Capel.

The Tides Collection from Couristan is constructed entirely of 100% Courtron™ polypropylene. This sturdy, resilient fiber is resistant to water and the growth of mold and mildew. For added protection against sun exposure, each of the rugs in the Tides Collection is treated with a special UV stabilization process that ensures color retention and prevents fading. The flat-woven surface makes these versatile area rugs easy to clean and maintain, adding practicality to their universal appeal.

The Picnic Collection from Capel

Capel provides a large selection of designs and colors along with environmentally friendly fibers. Their Picnic Collection offers 3 patterns in 5 neutral hues that have a machine woven construction. These beautiful rugs look and feel great both outdoors and indoors.  Capel recently launched its Creative Concepts program, which allows customers to create truly personal area rugs. Customers choose from 9 indoor-outdoor base carpets, from 120 woven indoor-outdoor border fabrics and from a wide range of shapes and sizes. A 5’x8′ single-border rug may retail for $399.

While these rugs provide additional warmth during the cool autumn months, don’t forget to put them away before that first snowfall!





Capel Rugs



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Cushions: It’s Not Just About the Fabric

The manufacturers of outdoor cushions have made major strides in recent years by developing products that are both comfortable and long-lasting.  Some of the best cushions on the market can hold up for countless seasons and are much easier to clean than in the past.  When purchasing cushions, today’s customers seek out all-weather cushions that are also water-repellant.  Two manufacturers that are well recognized for making durable and comfortable cushions are Crest Foam and Over and Under, Inc.

Crest Foam's EZ-Dri

Crest Foam’s EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam outdoor cushions dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing or other forms of moisture and humidity.  Large, open pores allow maximum drainage and air circulation, permitting use quickly after cushions have been wet or even saturated.  With EZ-Dri outdoor cushioning materials, customers can achieve the best of both worlds: long-lasting wear and comfort combined with fast drying.

Over and Under, Inc. - High Performance Cushion

Over and Under, Inc. is another company that specializes in custom outdoor cushions.  All of their cushions are made to the customer’s specifications, using the latest in high-tech materials and innovative custom crafting – and they are backed by a five-year warranty.  Since their low-maintenance, mold-free high-performance outdoor cushions are designed to dry in three hours or less, customers are able to spend more time enjoying their outdoor space than fussing with soggy cushions.


Crest Foam

Over and Under, Inc.

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The Natural Look of Wood

If one is looking for a softer, more natural look, wood patio furniture can help make one’s outdoor space a little bit cozier. Exciting new contemporary designs can also transform a backyard into a stylish outdoor retreat that rivals any interior room of a home. With a wide variety of wood types to choose from, finding the wood patio set to suit one’s taste and practical needs is easier than ever before.

ST25: St. Tropez by Kingsley-Bate

Kingsley-Bate is one of the leaders in providing elegant and comfortable wood patio furniture. Kingsley-Bate’s St. Tropez teak sling collection was expanded recently to include a stacking club chair and ottoman. Designed with a solid teak frame, aluminum hardware and durable Phifertex fabric, this set is ideal for comfort, ease and is convenient where storage space is at a premium.

Classic collection by Oxford Garden

Oxford Garden has been offering beautifully designed, high-quality wooden furniture at an exceptional value to the outdoor casual marketplace since 1997. Inspired by the English garden, the Classic Collection by Oxford Garden is elegant, charming, and comfortable. Crafted from Shorea hardwood, the chairs pictured here will resist weathering and last for years to come. They can be paired with Oxford Garden planters for a fashionable and peaceful outdoor look.

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Hot Kamado Cookers

Kamado Joe Teak Grill Table

Smokers have risen in popularity over the years and have become the second “grill” for many outdoor cooking enthusiasts.  What makes the kamado style cooker different from other smokers is its egg-shape and thick ceramic walls.  Most run on charcoal and their ceramic insulation traps the heat, making them rather inexpensive to use compared to other smokers.  Two popular manufacturers of this style of smoker are the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe.

The Big Green Egg Jalapeno Rack

The Big Green Egg has been around for over 30 years and grill aficionados will speak in high praise when talking about their beloved “Eggs.”  The Big Green Egg’s wide range of accessories also helps makes it possible to grill and smoke a diverse range of foods.   From Jalapeno Racks that holds up to 20 stuffed peppers to Wok Toppers that allows one to make their favorite stir fry, Big Green Egg accessories are sought after by the growing legion of Eggheads.

Kamado Joe is another well-respected manufacturer that specializes in the kamado style cooker.  Started in 2008 by two grill enthusiasts, Kamado Joe has become one of the top sellers of the kamado cooker.  They introduced their red one sized grill at the March 2009 HPBExpo and since then they have expanded their grill collection and have added accessories.  Bobby Brennan, cofounder of Kamado Joe, says that the fastest way to grow a small business is to have a remarkable product and offer remarkable service. And that is exactly what Kamado Joe excels in.