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Modern Fireplace Surrounds: Unlimited Design Ideas

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With fireplaces it’s all about the quality of the flame.  However, all the accumulated design details around the fireplace can be almost as important.  In this month’s feature story we take a deep dive into the evolution of fireplace surround trends and feature our custom fireplace surround builder tool so you can design your dream surround today.

Evolution of the Fireplace Surround

61 Outstanding Fireplace Designs For the Modern Home

Dwell Magazine online recently published a great article outlining amazing fireplace designs for modern homes.  European Home products made the list 4 times!

We’re not biased or anything, but here are the fireplaces worth checking out on the Dwell: Outstanding Fireplace Design list:

#17:  Meijifocus by Focus Fires
#37:  Bathyscafocus by Focus Fires
#52:  Ergofocus by Focus Fires
#60:  Lucius 140 by Element4

Full Dwell Article Here

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European Home: Wine Country to Boston


Modern Prefab in CA Wine Country You’ll Love (and you can rent it for yourself!)
Let’s Talk Prefab. Join us as we sit down with Christy Beaver, the in-house Interior Designer for Method Homes as she talks a recent project in Sonoma County she is affectionately calling WineCamp featuring the J Series outdoor fireplace by European Home.

A Modern Prefab in CA Wine Country.

In the Media
Stanton Schwartz Redesigns a North End Condo 

The latest issue of Boston Magazine features a condo renovation project in Boston’s historic North End.  Stanton Schwartz Design had one primary objective in mind: to incorporate the building’s location into every aspect of the design. Flanked by the Boston Harbor and a private marina (where the new homeowners just so happen dock their boat), the property boasts water views on both sides.

Clear Creek Architects

Hampden Design + Construction

Interior Designer
Stanton Schwartz Design

Fireplace Installation
Boston Fine Home Details


Read the full article here…

Fireplace News
Innovations Drive Electric Fireplace Market

Maligned in the Past, Electric Fireplaces have Surged in Popularity.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 9.35.30 PM

Electric Fireplace Innovations

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Get Your Outdoor Room Ready for Winter

With glimpses of winter already appearing, it’s important to prepare your patio for the season ahead. We’ve got the answers to all your backyard winterizing FAQs.

Should you bring your patio furniture inside during winter?

While our powder-coated outdoor furniture is extra strong and durable to resist the outdoor elements, we recommend keeping your furniture in a shed, garage, or other sheltered location. Since weather can be unpredictable, you can rest assured knowing your backyard furniture will remain clean and new for longer. If you are unable to store your patio furniture indoors, we suggest at least bringing the cushions inside to stay clean and dry.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.41.22 AM

Click Here to read more…



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The Outdoor Greatroom Company asks: Are Gas Fire Pits Safe?

A backyard fire pit is great for gathering family and friends, providing warmth, and adding ambiance as the natural focal point. But are gas fire pits safe to use in your backyard or commercial patio space? Like most other products, not all gas fire pits should be treated the same. That’s why it’s important to purchase your fire table from a reputable brand that is dedicated to safety first. While it’s important to have a beautiful flame, stylish designs, and convenient features, search for a fire pit that manages to do all of that plus prioritizes safety. When choosing a propane or natural gas fire pit, keep these points in mind:


UL Listing

Rather than guessing whether a safety claim is trustworthy or not, leave it to the experts by choosing a UL Listed gas fire table. Usually UL certification is listed as a feature or the UL Listed logo is displayed somewhere. Why is UL Listing so important? For a product to become UL Listed, it must undergo vigorous testing inside and out to ensure safety and durability. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing your gas fire pit has been tested to withstand outdoor elements and other possible dangers.


Proper Installation

Should you choose liquid propane or natural gas to fuel your fire pit? All of our fire tables come set up for LP but can converted to NG with the included conversion kit. Both are viable options, but it depends on your preference and what works for your space. Consult a trained professional if you’re unsure. Your local dealer will most likely have a recommendation for a professional to help with setup, or they may offer those services themselves. If you’re looking for a gas fire pit for your commercial space, the Outdoor GreatRoom offers extra safety features and custom designs for your commercial spot.


Read the manuals first, during, and after. Before you begin, read through the manual. When installing or getting ready to use your fire pit, have your instructions in hand. After you’re finished, read through the manual again to make sure you’ve correctly completed the steps and didn’t miss anything. Pro tip: keep the manual in a safe place for easy reference.

As a family company, The Outdoor GreatRoom is committed to safety for your family and guests. When you purchase an Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit, know you’re getting the latest styles and innovations, stunning flames and cozy heat, plus durability and safety you can trust.


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The Outdoor Greatroom Company Espouses Benefits of Adding a Gas Fire Pit to the Outdoor Room

Whether you have a deck space, patio area, or even a poolside spot, your outdoor space is an open, blank canvas full of possibilities. But where do you start? With so many options, it seems natural to begin with the focal point. A gas fire pit offers a clear focus to draw guests into your outdoor room. The stunning design invites guests to sit down, relax, and enjoy the dancing flames. But what are other benefits of a gas fire pit in your backyard area?

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.07.22 AM

Gas fire pit tables are an outdoor living staple to extend your time outdoors every day and even lengthen your entire outdoor season. The glow of the fire illuminates your surroundings to keep the ambiance going and break up the darkness of the night. The warmth wakes you up in the morning as you take in your peaceful surroundings. It also keeps you and your guests cozy during those afternoon chats that turn into late-night conversations. As fall introduces cooler weather, the welcoming warmth keeps you cozy and content in your outdoor living room.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.10.03 AM

While the traditional look and sounds of a wood-burning fire are appealing and sometimes nostalgic, gas fire pits can be designed to adopt a similar look. As for safety, our gas fire tables are clean burning and eliminate unpredictable smoke that can intensify allergies and other sensitivities. With safety as a priority, our gas fire pits are UL listed, meaning they have been thoroughly tested for the outdoors.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.10.11 AM

Even though safety is crucial, gas fire pits offer other convenient benefits. They are perfect for an instant fire after a dip in the pool or when a sudden chill goes through the air, thanks to the quick-start ignition. This feature also ensures the fire is easy to control. As a Minnesota-based company with plenty of experience with unpredictable weather, we create our gas fire pits with durability as a priority. That’s why we choose high-quality materials, thorough processes, and attentive experts to ensure we create gas fire pit tables you can trust. With many of our products Made in the USA, we are dedicated to overseeing every step of the way.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.10.19 AM

Aesthetically, a gas fire pit on your patio or deck offers a beautiful, lasting look. We offer gas fire pit tables in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Many of our fire pits are versatile to fit your ever-changing outdoor theme, too. If you are not quite sure what fire pit fits your outdoor taste, our dedicated experts can work with you to create a custom gas fire pit using our cost-effective processes. Our family-owned company has years of experience to create the fire piece of your dreams.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.10.30 AM

Once you create your fire focal point, make sure to surround the area with plenty of comfy outdoor furniture, unique decor, and an outdoor kitchen. Tie the backyard living room together with a beautiful pergola and you’ll be set for a long, memorable outdoor season!



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European Home – 7 Stunning Modern Gas Fireplaces in Commercial Spaces

For architects and designers, commercial projects are a little bit like public art.  They can be enjoyed by all, however they also pose a number of design challenges that simply do not need to be considered for a residential project.  We picked out some of our favorite fireplace installations in public/commercial settings and talked to a handful of the architects and designers involved in these projects.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 8.32.23 PM.png

See all seven projects…

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 8.38.35 PM.png

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The Outdoor Greatroom Company – How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Island

Adding an outdoor kitchen island is a great investment for your backyard area, but it requires some patio planning. One helpful acronym to remember when designing an outdoor kitchen island is “PAL”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.49.13 PM.png

P – What is the PURPOSE of your outdoor kitchen island?

While it may seem obvious to use your backyard kitchen for cooking, there are many directions you can take. For example, you may want a spacious outdoor kitchen area that includes plenty of seating for family and friends or ample space for multiple cooks in the kitchen.* If you’re an avid cook, make sure to plan out plenty of prep space and quality lighting for optimal use. Maybe your outdoor room will be a backyard retreat (possibly a man cave or girls’ night spot). In that case, a kitchen island with simply a spot for refreshments and snacks may fit your outdoor needs.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.49.26 PM

A – What APPLIANCES and ACCESSORIES are you thinking?

“Grill, rotisserie, oven, stovetop, brick oven, blender, wine cooler – there are so many choices.”* Once you decide on the purpose of your outdoor kitchen island, make sure to consider the type of food you plan to make, the appliances needed for making that food, and how often you will actually use those appliances.

As for accessories, think of the items you want to complement your outdoor kitchen island. Patio furniture keeps your guests comfortable while you cook. If you plan to use your outdoor area on game days or you enjoy watching cooking shows while you prep food, a TV made for the outdoors offers versatile entertainment.* Sound systems can also help create the desired ambiance for guests. Make sure to consult a professional on the best tech for your deck or patio.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.49.49 PM.png

L – Where will your outdoor kitchen be LOCATED?

Now that you have considered the other points for your backyard kitchen island, it is time to bring it all together and choose the location. Safety is one of the most important factors. First, locate all of the utility lines to ensure you won’t run into any safety issues.* While weather can be unpredictable, try your best to map out your backyard to determine the best spot. One of our pergolas with optional lattice roof and wall may help create a more defined outdoor room while adding some protection from the outdoor elements.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 8.50.00 PM

Next, consider convenience and comfort when deciding on your outdoor kitchen location. What would offer the most natural flow? Once you have decided on a location, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect design to fit your outdoor theme. Thankfully, our experts are here to help you create the outdoor kitchen island of your dreams. After you have installed your kitchen island, don’t forget a gas fire pit for keeping the ambiance going for entertaining all night long.

*McClatchy, AP. “How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen,” The Mercury News. April 24, 2018.