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Summer Grilling With Coyote Outdoor Living

All summer chefs, whether professional or amateur, are enjoying grilling and entertaining alfresco. Gathered with family and friends during long summer evenings, meals are enhanced by the flavors of food seared, grilled or smoked outdoors.

The newly launched Coyote website,, is the place to find inspiration for the season with unique recipes, celebrity chef videos and product spotlights. Make sure to follow our social media influencer partners, @my100yearoldhome, @idreamofhomemaking,
@gatheredgrace and @inspiremehomedecor, and check out their posts about the Coyote products they love!

Our Asado Cooker promotion is ongoing through Labor Day and includes a one-year supply of charcoal, (up to 12 bags), and free shipping with every purchase.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.28.55 AM

The Coyote Electric Grill on a Pedestal was featured in the celebrity lifestyle Modeliste Magazine and, in the Hampton’s luxury Social Life Magazine, a Coyote outdoor kitchen was the spotlight for the June issue. A new full page advertisement with a selection of Coyote products will appear in the August issue of Hearth & Home Magazine.

A great option for urban grill masters, or those with limited space, is an electric grill which heats up fast, is easy to clean, and you don’t need any fuel, just a nearby outlet. The Coyote Electric Grill is perfect for city dwellers, where outdoor entertaining spaces are highly coveted and scarce. A rooftop area, like the one featured above, can become a veritable outdoor oasis.
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.29.04 AM

According to interior designer, Kerrie Kelly, “A rooftop patio is truly one of the joys of living in the city. Whether you enjoy al fresco meals lounging in the sunshine or s’mores fresh off the grill under the stars and a blanket, the “above it all” views give a unique perspective to get away from it all.”

The Coyote Electric Grill, made of premium-grade 304 stainless steel, has a powerful 120V – 1300W heating element that is capable of reaching 550° F within minutes and is guaranteed to last for over 5,000 hours. The safety features include a built-in surge protector, a Teflon grate that eliminates flare-ups and a 60-minute timer valve. This makes this product particularly appealing to families.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.29.12 AM

Leslie Saeta, founder of the engaging Instagram account @my100yearoldhome, recently featured the Coyote Electric Grill on a pedestal in a beautiful oceanside setting. As noted in the post, “We have a balcony off our kitchen at the beach house and I finally found the right sized barbecue that fits. The Coyote Electric Grill is 18” wide and has a 156 square inch cooking area. I love that it has a 60 minute safety timer with a surge protector too. The compact Electric Grill on a Pedestal makes summer possible in smaller unique spaces.” Leslie adds, ”Make sure you are all set for lots of grilling outdoors. I think I might have some barbecue volunteers with this amazing view!”

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.29.21 AM

Leslie has a devoted following who have accompanied her on her journey to lovingly remodel a home, built in 1915, where her husband was raised. They purchased the home in 1969 and have shared the redesign of the kitchen, family room, two downstairs baths and the outdoor patio. A few years later they added a pool and remodeled their master bedroom, two upstairs baths, and the third-floor attic. Their last major remodel was to update the art studio (The Carriage House) and an outdoor kitchen. The authentic nature of the remodeling projects is described by Leslie, “We have always preserved the architectural integrity of our home so we have been lucky. Our seventeen-year-old remodel is still in style.”

What could be more delicious than kabobs by the beach this summer! Make sure to visit @my100yearoldhome for design, entertaining and lifestyle inspiration.

Affordable Outdoor Kitchens (AOK) was formed in the spring of 2011 with one thing in mind, to provide the very best outdoor appliances and furnishings to contractors at a price that puts outdoor kitchens within the reach of their customer – the homeowner. Most contractors send their homeowners to the internet to shop for products – without the benefit of an expert, such as an AOK specialist, who can guide them toward the products that will meet their specific cooking needs and budget. AOK has been carrying Coyote Outdoor Living products for three years.
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.29.26 AM

To what do you attribute your success in the marketplace?  Our success is based on our knowledgeable staff and the customer service we provide. We know our grills. Every feature on each of the grills we carry – all the accessories, how many BTUs, how the rotisserie mounts, etc.

What are the three keys things to consider when choosing or planning an outdoor kitchen?  Most customers and many of the contractors building their jobs have never had an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen space is much different that owning a cart grill with side shelves. It is just like the indoor kitchen; it will become a gathering place for friends and family. We always recommend creating an area that invites guests into the cooking space and ideally allows for a center island or a seating area adjacent to the grill. We ask customers what they like to cook. How do they envision using the area? Will they need refrigeration? The most overlooked item in an outdoor kitchen is counter space.

What is it that appeals to your customers about Coyote grills?  Our customers love Coyote grills because of the high BTUs, they are attractive, and it has a great sear burner option. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the laser cut grate options. Customers who like to cook fish and vegetables are hooked immediately on this option. Also, customers like that they can get ceramic briquettes.
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.28.46 AM.png

Why are outdoor kitchens becoming more and more popular?  Outdoor living spaces in general have become more popular. This used to be a feature found only in homes with year-round outdoor living climates – like California & Florida. Outdoor kitchens are a sought-after feature in an outdoor living space. Adding a kitchen and a fire feature to any back yard completely changes the way an area is used. It becomes your house outdoors and people can’t get enough of it. Once someone has experienced an outdoor kitchen at a friend’s house – they want one!

It is a family business, tell me one thing about you as a family that nobody knows, and people would find interesting?  People always marvel at all of us working together. How do you do it? That must be crazy! Do you guys argue?  The answer is simple. We are a family first and business owners second. Each person in this business, just like our family, brings unique qualities and strengths to the table. Being a West Virginia gal, I always loved the Farm Bureau slogan, “We pull the most when we, pull together.”

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The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Asks: Are Gas Fire Pits Safe for Pets?

Your pets are part of the family. As a family company, we have many dog dads/moms and cat parents who love their fur babies. Whether you have a furry family member or are simply an animal lover with many tail-wagging visitors, it’s important to know whether a gas fire pit table is safe for your pets. The short answer: yes but like children, ensure you constantly monitor your pets around the fire table. With many beautiful days ahead, it makes sense your dogs or cats want to spend plenty of time outdoors with you. A warm gas fire pit is perfect for extending your days outside and relaxing with your favorite critters. We compiled some top fur parent tips when shopping for a fire pit near you.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.33.36 AMThe gas fire pit table must be extra durable for evenings outdoors with your favorite animals – we know how easily our pets can destroy even the most heavy-duty toys. Shop for a gas fire pit that features powder-coated metal, a composite wood look, or a durable concrete blend. Powder coating resists scratches, rusts, and knicks – a perfect match against an occasional paw or two. Composite fire pits offer the wood look without splitting or rotting to protect your family and curious fur kids from unwanted slivers. A concrete blend, like Supercast™, is strong to last many evenings outside with your four-legged friends.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.35.51 AMWith a wide selection of fire pits in the outdoor living industry, a propane or natural gas fire pit offers maximum control and predictability. The Crystal Fire® burners offer the most realistic flame appearance and eliminate the unpredictable smoke or flying sparks of wood-burning fire pits – giving you one less thing to worry about while your kids and dogs are outdoors. An adjustable valve lets you control the flame for consistent warmth and the right amount of glow whenever. Within seconds a natural gas or propane fire pit can ignite for an instant fire or turn off to save time at the end of the evening.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.37.08 AMOne of the most important tips for fire pit shopping is to look for a gas fire pit that’s UL Listed. UL certification requires heavy testing to ensure safety and quality in your home. By purchasing a UL Listed fire table, you can rest assured that you have one of the safest and most reliable options for your family.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.38.07 AM

Pro tip! Don’t forget to purchase the most-loved fire pit accessory for dog and cat owners too: a glass wind guard or folding wind guard. A wind guard keeps kids’ hands, waggin’ tails, or curious wet noses away from the fire. It also protects the flame from wind and debris so your energetic family can head outside even on windy days. The folding wind guard is great for a convenient 2-in-1 burner cover and wind guard, but both options are best for pet households.

Now fetch a safe gas fire pit near you. We want to see your furry friends relaxing under the fire pit, too. Share your pics on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.38.59 AM

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Modern Fireplace Surrounds: Unlimited Design Ideas

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 6.13.59 PM

With fireplaces it’s all about the quality of the flame.  However, all the accumulated design details around the fireplace can be almost as important.  In this month’s feature story we take a deep dive into the evolution of fireplace surround trends and feature our custom fireplace surround builder tool so you can design your dream surround today.

Evolution of the Fireplace Surround

61 Outstanding Fireplace Designs For the Modern Home

Dwell Magazine online recently published a great article outlining amazing fireplace designs for modern homes.  European Home products made the list 4 times!

We’re not biased or anything, but here are the fireplaces worth checking out on the Dwell: Outstanding Fireplace Design list:

#17:  Meijifocus by Focus Fires
#37:  Bathyscafocus by Focus Fires
#52:  Ergofocus by Focus Fires
#60:  Lucius 140 by Element4

Full Dwell Article Here

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 6.17.06 PM

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European Home: Wine Country to Boston


Modern Prefab in CA Wine Country You’ll Love (and you can rent it for yourself!)
Let’s Talk Prefab. Join us as we sit down with Christy Beaver, the in-house Interior Designer for Method Homes as she talks a recent project in Sonoma County she is affectionately calling WineCamp featuring the J Series outdoor fireplace by European Home.

A Modern Prefab in CA Wine Country.

In the Media
Stanton Schwartz Redesigns a North End Condo 

The latest issue of Boston Magazine features a condo renovation project in Boston’s historic North End.  Stanton Schwartz Design had one primary objective in mind: to incorporate the building’s location into every aspect of the design. Flanked by the Boston Harbor and a private marina (where the new homeowners just so happen dock their boat), the property boasts water views on both sides.

Clear Creek Architects

Hampden Design + Construction

Interior Designer
Stanton Schwartz Design

Fireplace Installation
Boston Fine Home Details


Read the full article here…

Fireplace News
Innovations Drive Electric Fireplace Market

Maligned in the Past, Electric Fireplaces have Surged in Popularity.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 9.35.30 PM

Electric Fireplace Innovations

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Get Your Outdoor Room Ready for Winter

With glimpses of winter already appearing, it’s important to prepare your patio for the season ahead. We’ve got the answers to all your backyard winterizing FAQs.

Should you bring your patio furniture inside during winter?

While our powder-coated outdoor furniture is extra strong and durable to resist the outdoor elements, we recommend keeping your furniture in a shed, garage, or other sheltered location. Since weather can be unpredictable, you can rest assured knowing your backyard furniture will remain clean and new for longer. If you are unable to store your patio furniture indoors, we suggest at least bringing the cushions inside to stay clean and dry.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.41.22 AM

Click Here to read more…



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The Outdoor Greatroom Company asks: Are Gas Fire Pits Safe?

A backyard fire pit is great for gathering family and friends, providing warmth, and adding ambiance as the natural focal point. But are gas fire pits safe to use in your backyard or commercial patio space? Like most other products, not all gas fire pits should be treated the same. That’s why it’s important to purchase your fire table from a reputable brand that is dedicated to safety first. While it’s important to have a beautiful flame, stylish designs, and convenient features, search for a fire pit that manages to do all of that plus prioritizes safety. When choosing a propane or natural gas fire pit, keep these points in mind:


UL Listing

Rather than guessing whether a safety claim is trustworthy or not, leave it to the experts by choosing a UL Listed gas fire table. Usually UL certification is listed as a feature or the UL Listed logo is displayed somewhere. Why is UL Listing so important? For a product to become UL Listed, it must undergo vigorous testing inside and out to ensure safety and durability. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing your gas fire pit has been tested to withstand outdoor elements and other possible dangers.


Proper Installation

Should you choose liquid propane or natural gas to fuel your fire pit? All of our fire tables come set up for LP but can converted to NG with the included conversion kit. Both are viable options, but it depends on your preference and what works for your space. Consult a trained professional if you’re unsure. Your local dealer will most likely have a recommendation for a professional to help with setup, or they may offer those services themselves. If you’re looking for a gas fire pit for your commercial space, the Outdoor GreatRoom offers extra safety features and custom designs for your commercial spot.


Read the manuals first, during, and after. Before you begin, read through the manual. When installing or getting ready to use your fire pit, have your instructions in hand. After you’re finished, read through the manual again to make sure you’ve correctly completed the steps and didn’t miss anything. Pro tip: keep the manual in a safe place for easy reference.

As a family company, The Outdoor GreatRoom is committed to safety for your family and guests. When you purchase an Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit, know you’re getting the latest styles and innovations, stunning flames and cozy heat, plus durability and safety you can trust.