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The Go-anywhere Fireplace

The Synergy with Cohesion surround from Dimplex

Setting up an electric fireplace is as simple as plugging in a television. No chimney is required, and with technology that recreates the snap and crackle of an actual wood-burning fireplace, no one will notice that it’s not a traditional fireplace.

The Synergy wall-mount fireplace with the Cohesion surround from Dimplex can be installed practically anywhere since piping and venting are not required. The Synergy fireplace creates a striking impression with its wide span of the patented Dimplex flame effect and its industry-benchmark realism.

The Sterling from Twin-Star International

The Sterling fireplace from Twin-Star International features a multi-function media cabinet with integrated wire management and magnetic back. It also comes with Infrared technology and has an LED display. The Sterling can heat up to 1,000 square feet.

Whether it’s for a beach house or a cabin in the woods, an electric fireplace allows customers to easily install a nice warm fireplace wherever they go.



Twin-Star International

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A Heating Alternative

Outdoor wood-burning furnaces are growing in popularity as alternative (yet reliable and affordable) appliances for heating one’s home. Homeowners are attracted to these furnaces because they provide inexpensive and clean heating at a time when people are focused on cost-cutting and green technology.

One popular manufacturer is Minnesota-based Northwest Manufacturing, Inc., which makes WoodMaster products. Northwest Manufacturing has been making high-quality outdoor furnaces since the late 1980s. They have gained a reputation as having some of the most innovative and efficient furnaces on the market.

WoodMaster's Flex Fuel from Northwest Manufacturing

WoodMaster’s Flex Fuel series furnaces are engineered with proven clean European technologies and WoodMaster quality and durability. They come with multiple fuel options, including cordwood, wood pellets or wood chips. The EPA’s Burn Wise website shows it to be the cleanest phase 2 outdoor wood-burning hydronic heater in the industry, with an annual average emissions level of 0.04 pounds per million Btu of heat output. The Flex Fuel also has solar capability, which can help save even more money and use less fuel for consumers.

So if your customers are considering replacing their furnaces, tell them about WoodMaster’s wood-burning furnaces that will heat their homes just as well as conventional furnaces, and will also save them money.

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Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Whether it’s starting a new tradition or carrying on a new one, roasting chestnuts has always been a holiday favorite. And why not roast those chestnuts on your favorite grill this year?

Roasted chestnuts. Image: nuchylee /

Grilled Chestnuts (recipe from here).

  1.  Check chestnuts for any that are cracked.
  2.  Rinse the chestnuts to wash off dirt and to soften the shells (this will reduce charring on the outer surface as they are roasting).
  3. Cut a small “X” into the shell to let out steam when cooking.
  4. Preheat grill to 400 degrees F. Place chestnuts directly on the grate or, if they will fall through, place them in a grill pan that has holes in the bottom.
  5. Toss, or turn, the chestnuts every 5 minutes or so in order to cook evenly. The chestnuts are done when the shells have a little charring on the surface and the “X” shaped slits have started to open up and the inside meat is visible. When they are cooked properly, however, the taste is slightly sweet and buttery.
  6. Remove from the grill and let cool just enough to handle. Chestnuts are best served warm; so don’t let them cool too much.
  7. Crack the shells and pull out the meat. You may eat right out of the shell, or use the meat in another dish, such as stuffing or soup.

Everyone at Patio & Hearth Products Report hopes you have wonderful and safe holiday season!

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Colors That Pop

The Sedona Collection from Sunbrella

Despite grey winter skies, it’s never too early to start thinking about a new color scheme for the backyard or patio. Bright eye-catching fabrics have gained popularity over the years and can be seen not only in outdoor furniture but in the fashion industry as well. In a recent article, “Tangerine Tango,” a reddish orange, was named the color of the year by Pantone and only reaffirms the staying power of these bold new colors.

Glen Ravan/Sunbrella is one of leading manufacturers of outdoor patio fabric and continues to expand their collection with stand-out colors. Their Sedona collection includes colors like hot pink, orange and reds mixed with neutral colors creating a modern yet organic effect.

Geobella from Phifer

The Geobella line from Phifer combines reds, oranges, and pinks to create a beautiful, earth-friendly fabric that is soft and touchable, yet durable for the outdoors. Made from 100% olefin yarns recycled from postindustrial waste, the fabrics do not absorb water and dry quickly, making them mold and mildew resistant.

Whether you embrace “Tangerine Tango” or not, bold lively colors can bring new life to a patio or backyard.




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Gather ‘Round

The Cypress Aluminum Firepit from OW Lee

Roasting marshmallows no longer requires the woods or the beach—it can be done easily in one’s backyard thanks to a wide array of home firepits. Not only do firepits provide a new way to entertain, they also provide warmth and coziness. The use of home firepits has risen in popularity over the past few years as manufacturers have increased their offerings to meet consumer demand. Firepits are even being added to many new homes.

The Cypress Aluminum Firepit from OW Lee offers a beautiful fireside ambience using propane (and comes with a natural-gas converter). The new LeeStone table and hearth tops are domestically produced using GFRC. The strength and resilience of LeeStone offer the highest performance for outdoor use, and LeeStone is virtually maintenance free.

El Paseo from California Outdoor Concepts

California Outdoor Concepts also produces a wonderful line of firepits. The El Paseo from the Elegance Series is reminiscent of the organic shapes of the Midcentury Modern vibe prevalent in Palm Desert, California. The El Paseo firepit brings outdoor relaxation to a new level.


OW Lee

California Outdoor Concepts

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Keeping the Heat Inside

Valor Retrofire Gas Insert

Customers looking to turn their old wood-burning fireplaces into high-efficiency hearths that will keep the heat in a room can look to gas inserts as their solution. There are several options available when purchasing a gas insert and customers should know what they have to choose from.

Direct-vent gas inserts have an inner pipe that vents the exhaust through the wall or the roof to bypass the chimney. Direct-vent gas inserts help add efficiency to any home’s heating by keeping the heat in the home and not escaping through the chimney. A vent-free gas insert operates without a vent and like the direct-vent can be placed in any existing fireplace. Propane or natural gas fuels the fire through a line that is connected to a burn within the heating appliance.

The Retrofire Gas Insert from Valor is a direct-vent gas insert that is designed for installation within existing masonry and factory built wood-burning fireplaces of all shapes and sizes. Room sealed and vented outside, the Retrofire eliminates smoke, messy ashes, and cold drafts.

Empire Comfort’s Loft Direct-vent Gas Insert

Empire Comfort Systems’ Loft direct-vent gas insert will help turn any wood- burning fireplace into a clean-burning contemporary fireplace. With its linear burner, porcelain lining, variable-speed automatic blower, and “louverless”
surround, the Loft’s clean lines will update the look of any hearth from ancient to chic.

Valor Fireplaces

Empire Comfort Systems

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Made in the U.S.A.

The Rio Collection from Lloyd/Flanders

Many Americans prefer buying products made in the United States because they want to support our economy and feel that high standards are met in terms of craftsmanship and quality. Patio furniture manufacturer, Lloyd/Flanders, has been making their successful all-weather wicker and aluminum furniture in the U.S.A since 1906.

Based in Menominee, Michigan, Lloyd/Flanders is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of wicker and aluminum patio furniture. In 1917, the company’s founder, Marshall B. Lloyd, developed a patented process for manufacturing
wicker baby carriages and furniture that raised the standards for the entire wicker industry. Now Lloyd/Flanders continues to provide high-quality, classic designs while also offering timeless and trendsetting styles. All of its products are made right here in the U.S.A.

Their Rio Collection represents a sunny, lighthearted take on classically designed furniture. Wide woven layers create flowing lines within each piece. Accents are carefully braided into the designs, while smoothly styled deep seating is a collection hallmark. Luxurious back cushions and deep seating provide casual comfort for everyone.