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A Dramatic Flair

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Half-inch copper from American Fireglass

The use of decorative fireplace glass instead of traditional fireplace logs has risen in popularity over the years. These colorful glass beads bring a contemporary and dramatic flair to any home. Along with its elegant look, fireplace glass is reusable and more eco-friendly than burning wood logs. With such a wide variety of colors and cuts available, customers can get creative with their fireplace.

American Fireglass is one of the premier manufacturers of fireplace and fire pit glass. They offer a wide selection of colors and sizes, including Eco Glass, which is made up of post industrial glass that has been melted down and has a dye added to it in order to achieve its brilliant colors.

Half-inch black from American Fireglass

American Fireglass recently debuted new colors in their half-inch collection. Half inch glass burns cleaner and more efficiently. The half-inch copper, featured in the photo above, is one of their most popular colors. The brilliant color gives the illusion that the flame is on a bed of sparkling gems.

Decorative fire glass allows customers to get more fun and color out of their fireplace.


American Fireglass

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