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Brrr-ing on the Warmth

Vermont Castings AURA Fireplace

While cozy fireplaces and stoves add a nice decorative touch to any home, at this time of the year the heat they produce matter the most to customers in cold climates. A powerful fireplace or stove can lower overall home heating costs by directly heating specific rooms or spaces. Since fireplaces are now more user-friendly than ever before, bringing warmth to a home can be accomplished with a simple flick of a switch.

The Vermont Castings AURA Linear Fireplace has a magnificent 70-inch viewing area, making it one of the widest fireplaces on the market. Though big, it is easy to install and maintain. It also comes with a number of interior and exterior styling options, making it easy for one to have a unique look. Featuring the exclusive Total Signature Command System, it offers ultimate fireplace control.

Harman's TL 2.6

Harman Stoves’ latest addition to their TL line is the TL 2.0 and 2.6 stoves. Compact versions of the TL300, they complete the industry’s only top-loading steel stove line. The new units feature Harmon FireDome Plus combustion technology to achieve impressive burn rates and advanced heating control. Optional cooking grills, blowers and accent trim provide a custom look for every buyer. With eco-friendly performance, they help reduce energy bills yearlong.


Vermont Castings

Harman Stoves

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The Sauce Matters

Rubs and sauces from Old World Spices & Seasonings

Selling barbecue sauces (and rubs) can be  just as important as selling other grilling accessories. If a customer enjoys the rubs and sauces they purchased, they are more likely to come back when their supplies run out. Outdoor cooking aficionados who buy high-quality barbecue grills and accessories also enjoy shopping for delicious rubs and sauces.

Old World Spices & Seasonings offers championship rubs and sauces that are must-haves for any grilling enthusiast. These award-winning brands are the perfect complement to one’s grill. Old World Spice & Seasonings has over 25 varieties of barbecue rubs and 5 varieties of sauces to keep one’s grilling experience fresh.

Planet Barbecue Spice Pastes from The Companion Group

The Companion Group’s Planet Barbecue Spice Pastes are created by the company’s in-house chef and well-known grilling guru, Steven Raichlen. Raichlen spent years on the world’s largest barbecue trail, documenting the live-fire culinary traditions of cultures around the planet. The spice pastes are an extension of Raichlen’s bestselling cookbook, “Planet Barbecue,” published in 2010.

The Companion Group

Old World Spices & Seasonings

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Hassle-free Firewood

Gas logs offer the dramatic realism of actual firewood, but without the mess. Environmentally friendly and convenient gas logs come in a variety of styles including, oak, birch, pine, and walnut. They are equipped with a burner that uses either natural gas or propane, making for easy ignition. Installing clean, affordable gas logs is the perfect way to revamp one’s fireplace.

Rustic Timbers from Hargrove

Rustic Timbers gas logs from Hargrove Hearth Products are molded through a process that reproduces the intricate textures of nature in ceramic fiber, creating a warm and inviting glow. Rustic Timbers is the newest selection in Hargrove’s Radiant Heat vented log series. It works with standard Hargrove vented burner systems and is available in 21-inch through 36-inch sizes and in see-through configurations.

Split Bonfire Charred Gas Log Set by Golden Blount

Part of the Bonfire series of gas logs from Golden Blount, the Split Bonfire Charred Gas Log Set comes with the original two-piece front log designed in the 1990s by Golden Blount. The new charred-look accents, highly textured logs, and realistic coloring make this set a great addition to any home.



Golden Blount

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Luxurious Wicker

Dreux Daybed by Ebel

Wicker outdoor furniture can be a great addition to any home. Whether it’s for a tropical-themed patio or an elegant traditional look, wicker furniture can be adapted to any style or theme. When purchasing wicker furniture, it is good to look for a tight weave. High-quality wicker furniture is typically treated with a sealant to protect it from the outdoor elements.

The Dreux Collection from Ebel consists of several stylish pieces, including their new daybed. It comes in two new collections, Driftwood and Chestnut. By mixing and matching the various pieces, your customers can create an outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining and relaxation.

Del Sol Deep Seating by Agio

Agio’s Del Sol Deep Seating collection comes with deep-seating and all-weather wicker. This glamorous and exciting collection allows homeowners access to countless entertaining options, and the pieces are very durable so they will hold up for many years.




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Earthly Qualities

Avocado by Sunbrella

Hot pinks and bright oranges have been popular hues this past year. And while these colors have been all the rage, earth tones and natural colors are still just as popular as ever. Customers often want their outdoor spaces to resemble tranquil retreats that allow them to relax and enjoy their surroundings. These natural colors bring Zen-like warmth to anyone’s patio and backyard.

The Avocado Collection by Sunbrella, from Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, features natural fabric colors that are perfect for contemporary outdoor furniture. Large-scale Greek key pattern el Greco garners added design appeal with an ikat effect for a mix of tradition and modern. It works beautifully with the greens and browns found in nature and complements any outdoor setting.

Circular Fire Pit by Mallin Casual

Mallin Casual’s Circular Fire Pit is another example of an outdoor piece capitalizing on the colors found in nature while incorporating them into an attractive design that blends with natural surroundings. The cast-aluminum base, deep seating, and extended armrest, which are hallmarks of this collection, are made for comfort. The autumn rust and eclipse stone color option paired with sleek slate top creates an ambiance of sophistication.



Mallin Casual

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Stylish See-through Fireplaces

HD81 High Definition See-Thru Gas Fireplace by Napoleon

See-through (or two-sided) fireplaces are modern, chic, and luxurious. They’re strong conversation pieces, allowing homeowners to have a single fireplace in adjoining rooms. With a see-through fireplace, it’s possible to experience the same warmth and beautiful fire presentation from a master bedroom and master bathroom, or from a living room and adjacent dining room. See-through fireplaces can be vented, ventless, or even wood-burning. Regardless of the type, see-through fireplaces add a dramatic flair to any home.

Napoleon’s HD81 High Definition See-Through Gas Fireplace offers three distinct firebox options – a traditional PHAZER log set, a contemporary crystal setting, or a flowing river rock ember bed. Each unique setting radiates a glow and ambiance throughout the home. This model is perfect for bedroom/bathrooms, kitchen/dining, and office/commercial spaces.

Montebello See-Through Gas Fireplace from Lennox

Lennox’s Montebello See-Through gas fireplace allows homeowners to enjoy the same fire inside and outside. Its newly designed, high-definition split-oak log set has a beautiful glow when burning in the expansive, two-sided opening.

Fireplaces have come a long way from the traditional brick and stone hearths from years ago, and these see-through models prove that even a weak economy hasn’t stopped the growth of new and inventive designs.




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Bench…Marks the Spot

St. James Park Bench from Eon

Adding a bench to a porch or entryway (or even a backyard) offers a decorative touch as well as a welcoming aura. It encourages friends and family members to sit down and rest or simply watch the world go by. A stylish bench placed on a front porch also enhances a home’s curb appeal. The traditional wood outdoor bench has been popular for years and easily blends into any surrounding. There are also more modern approaches to the outdoor bench that appeal to homeowners seeking a sleek, updated look. Some benches are constructed of wood while others are made of synthetic materials.

The Boca Collection from Kingsley-Bate

The Kingsley-Bate Boca Collection, designed by Cristian Wicha, is a modern take on picnic style dining. The backless bench is constructed using wide planks of beautiful teak and high-grade #304 stainless steel. The bench may be used as an independent piece or in combination with any of Kingsley-Bate’s stainless steel chairs or tables.

For a time-honored look, the St. James Park Bench from Eon is a beautifully proportioned traditional outdoor bench. It features the look and feel of real teak without the hassles of annual maintenance. Made from an engineered polymer, this bench is 100% recyclable and is built to last a lifetime.




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Pellet Storage Solutions

PelletDecor by PelletCan

Pellet stoves have risen in popularity and so has the need for storing pellets in a functional, yet attractive manner. Many consumers prefer to keep their excess pellets on hand while not storing them in plain plastic tubs or tin buckets. A growing number of manufacturers have come out with stylish pellet containers that won’t clash with one’s home décor.

Pellet Holder by Wittus

Wittus offers one of the more stylish pellet holders in the marketplace. Designed exclusively by Apros of Italy and imported by Wittus, these steel bins make it easy to keep a pellet stove brightly burning. Cleverly integrated elements of industrial materials and color produce a product that is fashionable and functional. These holders feature accented color handles in orange, gray, white, green, and tan.

The PelletDecor from PelletCan LLC eliminates the daily chore of struggling with unmanageable pellet bags or unsightly containers. The PelletDecor adds style and elegance to any room while still being an easy storage and dispensing system for anyone using pellets in their home.