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Year-round Grilling

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Just because the cold winter months are almost here doesn’t mean that grills have to go unused. With the right clothes, one can enjoy their favorite barbecued chicken or rib recipe all year round. But before you start your winter grilling, here are some important tips that can help you out.

The Little Q from Bull Outdoor Products

After a summer of grilling, it is time to clean off all the grease and goop that have accumulated. Stripping the grill and cleaning each individual piece will help ward off any corrosive damage. It will also ensure that your grill is ready to use during the winter months. After the grill is cleaned and dried, going over the metal parts with a cooking oil or spray will help keep away any moisture that might develop during the winter.

A custom island from Galaxy Outdoor

Finally, make sure that your grill is placed in an area that will keep it away from most of the elements. If you don’t have space in the garage or outdoor shed, using some type of covering works just as well.

With proper cleaning and storage, grilling year around can be fun and painless.


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