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A Heating Alternative

Outdoor wood-burning furnaces are growing in popularity as alternative (yet reliable and affordable) appliances for heating one’s home. Homeowners are attracted to these furnaces because they provide inexpensive and clean heating at a time when people are focused on cost-cutting and green technology.

One popular manufacturer is Minnesota-based Northwest Manufacturing, Inc., which makes WoodMaster products. Northwest Manufacturing has been making high-quality outdoor furnaces since the late 1980s. They have gained a reputation as having some of the most innovative and efficient furnaces on the market.

WoodMaster's Flex Fuel from Northwest Manufacturing

WoodMaster’s Flex Fuel series furnaces are engineered with proven clean European technologies and WoodMaster quality and durability. They come with multiple fuel options, including cordwood, wood pellets or wood chips. The EPA’s Burn Wise website shows it to be the cleanest phase 2 outdoor wood-burning hydronic heater in the industry, with an annual average emissions level of 0.04 pounds per million Btu of heat output. The Flex Fuel also has solar capability, which can help save even more money and use less fuel for consumers.

So if your customers are considering replacing their furnaces, tell them about WoodMaster’s wood-burning furnaces that will heat their homes just as well as conventional furnaces, and will also save them money.