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Keeping the Heat Inside

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Valor Retrofire Gas Insert

Customers looking to turn their old wood-burning fireplaces into high-efficiency hearths that will keep the heat in a room can look to gas inserts as their solution. There are several options available when purchasing a gas insert and customers should know what they have to choose from.

Direct-vent gas inserts have an inner pipe that vents the exhaust through the wall or the roof to bypass the chimney. Direct-vent gas inserts help add efficiency to any home’s heating by keeping the heat in the home and not escaping through the chimney. A vent-free gas insert operates without a vent and like the direct-vent can be placed in any existing fireplace. Propane or natural gas fuels the fire through a line that is connected to a burn within the heating appliance.

The Retrofire Gas Insert from Valor is a direct-vent gas insert that is designed for installation within existing masonry and factory built wood-burning fireplaces of all shapes and sizes. Room sealed and vented outside, the Retrofire eliminates smoke, messy ashes, and cold drafts.

Empire Comfort’s Loft Direct-vent Gas Insert

Empire Comfort Systems’ Loft direct-vent gas insert will help turn any wood- burning fireplace into a clean-burning contemporary fireplace. With its linear burner, porcelain lining, variable-speed automatic blower, and “louverless”
surround, the Loft’s clean lines will update the look of any hearth from ancient to chic.

Valor Fireplaces

Empire Comfort Systems

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