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Eco-Friendly Hearth Products

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Morso's 5660 Fireplace Insert

Going green involves more than just preserving the world we live in—it also brings a sigh of relief to our wallets. As the colder months approach, it’s time to think about ways we can help our planet as well as keep within our budgets.

Many manufacturers of hearth products have been producing more eco-friendly stoves and inserts as the demand for green products has increased. By educating customers about clean, efficient hearth products, retailers play an important role in protecting the environment and in helping their customers save money. One way to accomplish this is to convince customers to ditch their wood-burning stoves and replace them with environmentally-friendly pellet stoves.


Toba by Wittus

A user friendly pellet stove and the most eco-friendly product on the market boasting over 90% efficiency, the 2011 IF Product Award winning Toba from Italy is the next generation of fashionable heating. Contemporary styling, high end materials, and a distinguished face, make the Wittus Toba one of the smartest choices when considering a pellet stove.

Perhaps a fireplace insert would do the trick? The Morso’s 5660 Fireplace Insert can help increase the efficiency of that wood-burning fireplace your customer already owns. Available in standard or with optional blower kit, it has a large combustion chamber that accommodates 20-inch logs and delivers high performance with 75%-plus efficiency.

Finally, remind your customers that no matter how they heat their homes, they need to make sure the heat stays inside. Windows and doors should be draft-free and the house should be insulated properly. If these steps are taken, one can get the most out of their stove or fireplace.

One thought on “Eco-Friendly Hearth Products

  1. Wonderful to see how wood stoves have developed over the past 30 years both in style and efficiency; new EPA certified stoves extract more heat from the wood by burning the volitile gases driven off during the combustion process – 60% more heat from the same piece of wood – now there is economy!!

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