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Grandview 230 Wood-Burning Stove by Lennox Hearth Systems

Using wood-burning stoves can be an efficient and low-cost way to heat homes. With the rising cost of gas, homeowners are eager to find new ways to bring warmth into their houses and EPA-certified wood-burning stoves might be their solution. New stove technology has allowed for minimal smoke and makes stoves easy to use even if the power goes out.

The Grandview 230 Wood-Burning Stove from Lennox is their latest EPA-certified entry from the Country Collection. Expansive ceramic glass gives unobstructed views of the fire, while the advanced refractory system and innovative heat exchanger combine to deliver the perfect amount of radiant heat. Easy operation and one-touch control make interaction a breeze.

Encore Two-In-One Wood Burning Stove by Vermont Castings

Vermont Castings Encore Two-in-One Wood Burning Stove provides flexibility to the homeowner by allowing two different ways to heat. Like its larger counterpart, the Defiant Two-in-One Stove, it converts from catalytic to non-catalytic operation in less than one minute. Plus, its superior heating efficiency generates more heat from less wood, saving up to $300 or more during an average New England winter.


Vermont Castings

Lennox Hearth Systems

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