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Choosing Fuels

The Aurora Dual-Fuel Grill from R.H. Peterson

With so many choices available in the marketplace, deciding which outdoor grill to buy can be tough for a homeowner. Gas, charcoal, or pellet? Each of these fuel types offers their own unique style when it comes to grilling one’s favorite food. Gas can be more convenient, while using charcoal can bring an added flavor. The demand for pellet grills has also risen in the past few years due to increasing gas prices. Here are a couple of popular grills that your customers may want to consider.

The Aurora Dual-Fuel Grill from R.H. Peterson offers the convenience of gas and the unmistakable aroma and flavor that comes from hardwood cooking. Measuring a generous 50 inches wide, the 2-in-1 grill features dedicated gas and charcoal
cooking areas and boasts 50,000 BTUs. Independent hoods for each gas type feature a thermometer for precise grilling ands smoking.

WoodMaster Whole Hog Pellet Grill

For those wanting old-fashioned, smoky flavor, the WoodMaster Whole Hog Pellet Grill is the perfect choice. The 1,380 square-inch cooking surface, plus the optional 1,000-square-inch second rack, provides balanced heat to keep up with hungry guests. Pellet grills like the WoodMaster Whole Hog are cleaning burning and will lighten the load on one’s wallet as well.


R.H. Peterson