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Going Global–Without Leaving Home

The Skyway Deep Seating Collection from Windward Design Group

Ethnic prints and motifs are showing up in outdoor-living designs. Whether it’s a Moroccan-inspired décor with animal prints and jewel-toned accents or a Caribbean look with bright colors and tropical prints, outdoor designs and products are starting to resemble far-away destinations. With these beautiful new designs, one’s backyard or patio space can truly become a place to escape.

The Skyway Deep Seating collection by Windward Design Group combines a modern finish with a repeating geometric ethnic pattern for an exotic, fresh look. Recognizing that customers are attracted to these global motifs, Windward Design
Group offers a diverse range of ethnically-inspired fabrics with names such as Inca Topaz, Sheraton Ikat Dune, and Istanbul Henna.

Lotus Cafe Chair from Gensun Casual Living

An ancient symbol in Asian and Egyptian cultures, the lotus represents beauty and purity. The Lotus café chair, from Gensun Casual Living, is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional floral furnishings. Inspired by modern stylized floral patterns and jewelry designs, Lotus pairs down floral detailing to a clear, flowing design that stands apart in a “me too” marketplace. Its proportions and stacking make it at home in residential and hospitality settings.

Windward Design Group

Gensun Casual Living