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Energy-efficient Heating

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905 Cast Iron Stove by HearthDistribution.Com, Inc.

Customers looking to save money on their energy bills might want to consider zone heating. Zone heating simply means putting the heat where one needs it instead of relying on a central furnace. Using a powerful fireplace or stove as a heat source provides warmth to specific rooms just as efficiently, and often more conveniently, than using a furnace.

The 905 Cast Iron Stove by HearthDistribution.Com, Inc., part of the Henin Hi-Flame line of World Class Cast Iron Stoves, recently made its debut in the United States. Having only been available in Europe, the 905 is perfect for customers looking for ample warmth, as well as an energy-efficient heater. This compact stove offers simple straightforward contemporary modern styling, a large window for great views, and uses 16.5-inch wood. The 905 Cast Iron Stove is fully certified.

Horizon HZ33E from Regency Fireplace Products

Set in a seamless designer frame, the Regency Horizon HZ33E creates a stunning firescape display, featuring reflective panels that amplify a ribbon of flames set on a full bed of shimmering crystals or spas stones. The shallow depth (12 ¾ inches) takes less space while delivering efficient mid-level heath output for just the right amount of warmth. Using less space without sacrificing style, the HZ33E offers endless design options that can be easily integrated into any living space.


Regency Fireplace Products

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