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Durable Designs

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OW Lee San Cristobal Collection, a wrought iron design.

Cast aluminum and wrought iron have been staples in the outdoor patio furniture industry for years. Both are long lasting and seem to blend in with any landscape. While these two furniture styles can look eerily similar, here are some differences to be aware of, especially when it comes to maintenance and care.

Wrought Iron:

  • Strong, heavy and long lasting. Holds up very well in strong winds.
  •  Versatile designs. Can fit just about anyone’s patio furniture needs
  • Light cleaning will be need. Wash with warm mild soapy water when necessary.
  • Use protective covers when not in use.

Cast Aluminum:

  •  Durable, lightweight and non-rusting.
  • Very low maintenance. Occasional cleaning when necessary.
  • Handles most severe weather well.
  • Like wrought iron, use protective covers when not in use.

Gensun Casual Grand Terrace Fire Pit, a cast aluminum design.

Cast aluminum and wrought iron are timeless patio furniture options and have been popular for many years. So if your customer is looking for a low-maintenance, elegant and traditional look, either of these designs will meet their needs.


OW Lee

Gensun Casual

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