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The Facts About Glass

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SCHOTT ROBAX® Mirror glass-ceramic featured on Stellar Hearth Products

When purchasing a fireplace or stove that uses glass, there are a number of important factors to consider about the type of glass that is used. Heat and fuel efficiency, safety, and upkeep are some of the top concerns that consumers have when it comes to picking a fireplace with glass.

SCHOTT ROBAX has been a leader in the fireplace glass industry and their glass ceramic has been satisfying customers for years. Karen Elder, Marketing Manager for SCHOTT ROBAX, says, “Fireplaces without a glass panel are energy heat hogs. Between 60% and 85% of their heat goes straight up the chimney.”

When considering a closed fireplace or stove that produces high heat levels, ceramic glass is essential because it withstands higher temperatures. The EPA has even determined that glass ceramic hearths and stoves are energy efficient.

Elder also stated that another major benefit of having a closed fireplace with glass ceramic is enjoying the fire without “worrying about smoke, sparks, furniture damage, or little hands accidentally getting into hot embers.”

So whether your customer is getting a new fireplace or repairing an old one, glass ceramic from SCHOTT ROBAX will make a substantial difference in its efficiency and safety.



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