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Hassle-free Firewood

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Gas logs offer the dramatic realism of actual firewood, but without the mess. Environmentally friendly and convenient gas logs come in a variety of styles including, oak, birch, pine, and walnut. They are equipped with a burner that uses either natural gas or propane, making for easy ignition. Installing clean, affordable gas logs is the perfect way to revamp one’s fireplace.

Rustic Timbers from Hargrove

Rustic Timbers gas logs from Hargrove Hearth Products are molded through a process that reproduces the intricate textures of nature in ceramic fiber, creating a warm and inviting glow. Rustic Timbers is the newest selection in Hargrove’s Radiant Heat vented log series. It works with standard Hargrove vented burner systems and is available in 21-inch through 36-inch sizes and in see-through configurations.

Split Bonfire Charred Gas Log Set by Golden Blount

Part of the Bonfire series of gas logs from Golden Blount, the Split Bonfire Charred Gas Log Set comes with the original two-piece front log designed in the 1990s by Golden Blount. The new charred-look accents, highly textured logs, and realistic coloring make this set a great addition to any home.



Golden Blount

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