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Pellet Storage Solutions

PelletDecor by PelletCan

Pellet stoves have risen in popularity and so has the need for storing pellets in a functional, yet attractive manner. Many consumers prefer to keep their excess pellets on hand while not storing them in plain plastic tubs or tin buckets. A growing number of manufacturers have come out with stylish pellet containers that won’t clash with one’s home décor.

Pellet Holder by Wittus

Wittus offers one of the more stylish pellet holders in the marketplace. Designed exclusively by Apros of Italy and imported by Wittus, these steel bins make it easy to keep a pellet stove brightly burning. Cleverly integrated elements of industrial materials and color produce a product that is fashionable and functional. These holders feature accented color handles in orange, gray, white, green, and tan.

The PelletDecor from PelletCan LLC eliminates the daily chore of struggling with unmanageable pellet bags or unsightly containers. The PelletDecor adds style and elegance to any room while still being an easy storage and dispensing system for anyone using pellets in their home.