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The Value of Customer Service

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In retail, customer service is just as important as advertising. Some may even say that customer service plays an even bigger role than advertising.  Once you get the customer into your store, you want to make sure that they stay and make purchases. You also want to turn your first-time customers into repeat customers. Your best means of achieving this is to provide stellar customer service.  In a weak economy, customer service becomes even more important. Reinforcing your business’ values about customer service with employees on a regular basis will help them interact better with shoppers and will eventually strengthen your bottom line.

Here are some rules to follow:

  • Greet customers with an upbeat manner, even on the telephone.
  • Whenever possible, address the customer by name.
  • Keep your store clean and neat, especially the bathrooms.
  • Try to say “yes” to any reasonable request.
  • Handle difficult customers with professionalism and class.


Arlene Eastwood, assistant manager, and Tom Tapken, CEO of California Backyard

In a tough economy, outstanding customer service will help retain your existing customers.  This becomes particularly important for any after-sale service or repairs. California Backyard, a retailer based in Sacramento, California, has noticed that by selling high quality products and having exceptional after-the-sale service, they have been able to stay competitive in an area that was hit particularly hard by falling house prices. In fact, three of California Backyard’s full-time employees are dedicated to customer service alone.

Customer service should be a top priority for any retailer. After all, without customers, stores would be nonentities.

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