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Adding Color to Your Backyard

Phifer International’s GeoBella line of fabrics.

Bold and bright colors can help breathe new life into any outdoor space.  From flowers to umbrellas, there are endless ways to pop some blues, purples, and even pinks into one’s backyard.  But before adding every color in the rainbow, there are a few guidelines for customers attempting to design Technicolor backyards.

  • Stick to three colors or hues.  Pick one to be the primary color and repeat the others sparingly.
  • Incorporate some earthy neutrals along with the bright colors to add texture.
  • Don’t forget about the flowers!  Along with fun outdoor fabrics, flowers can be an inexpensive way to bring some color into one’s outdoor space.
  • Pick a focal point.  For example, if one has a unique fireplace or firepit they want to emphasize, arrange the colors and plants to draw attention to that piece.

Just as accessories are important for interior design, accessories for the backyard can also help make it more visually stimulating.  Adding a one-of- a-kind bench or fun planter (as well as appealing and colorful accessories) will personalize a space and transform it into a dreamy retreat.

Umbrella by Summerset Outdoor Living

The last thing to keep in mind is that the outdoor look should complement one’s interior space.  Having a cohesive look that flows seamlessly from space to space is the ultimate goal.  And adding color will bring you one step closer.