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Showstopping Hearth Vignettes

Thousand Oaks Fireside in Thousand Oaks, California, is known for its impressive fireplace vignettes.

Many people shopping for fireplaces and stoves are also redesigning existing rooms, so they are making decisions about new flooring, paint, furniture, and even something as simple as new decorative accessories.  With busy work and home schedules, accomplishing all of this can be difficult.  That’s why in-store vignettes can be extremely helpful to customers.

Fireside Hearth & Home, the national retail brand of Hearth & Home Technologies Inc., helps its retailers throughout the United States by showing them how to develop in-store vignettes that spotlight the entire room setting, from furniture and case goods to home décor–not just the fireplace and mantel.  Not only have their in-store vignettes helped customers with their remodels, they have also increased sales for individual stores because customers are motivated to buy something when they can visualize it.

A fireplace vignette by Fireside Hearth & Home.

Creative vignettes can help inspire customer who may not have a clear vision of how they want their new hearth room, bathroom, or kitchen to look. For example, one vignette could depict the fireplace in the bedroom.  In addition to the fireplace, the display would include the fireplace, bed, nightstand and any other accessory to help make it look like a realistic bedroom.

Another example would be a fireplace vignette of a contemporary room for customers wanting to redesign a room with a more modern motif.  A modern fireplace or stove combined with sleek leather sofas and chairs, mirrors, and contemporary lighting would wow customers into making a purchase.

If vignettes are done right, not only will you end up with happy customers, you’ll watch your sales soar.