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Patio Essentials for Small Spaces

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It’s easy to forget apartment or condo dwellers who don’t have enough space for large patio bars and grills, or chaises and umbrellas.  But we need to keep these consumers in mind, which is why Patio & Hearth Blog wants to draw your attention to products that owners of smaller outdoor spaces can enjoy.

The first thing to keep in mind is that condo and apartment buildings vary regarding what they allow on balconies or deck space.   Knowing the limitations right away will ensure that customers get the most out of their space and not waste time with returning items.

Understanding customers’ budgets and their primary use for the space will help determine which products will transform their balconies or decks into comfortable and usable outdoor spaces.

Also keep in mind that the products they purchase now could be used later if moving to a larger home in their future.  And finally make sure that their outdoor style complements their indoor style.

Here are some products we recommend:

CGG-180T Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Gas Grill from The Fulham Group

Cuisinart (manufactured and distributed by the Fulham Group) makes electric and gas tabletop grills that are perfect for balconies.  These grills are great for vacations and tailgating and can still be used if the customer moves into a home with a larger outdoor space.

Margarita Bistro Collection by Alfresco Home

Alfresco Home recently introduced their Margarita Bistro Collection.  These small, retro-styled dining sets would work well with any balcony or deck.

Little Q Island by Bull Outdoor Products

For those who want a bigger grill for their small space, Bull Outdoor’s Little Q Island would satisfy hardcore entertainers and grillers.

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