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Kid-Friendly Patios

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KidBrella by ZipJack Custom Umbrellas

For many young families, a patio or backyard allows kids to roam free while still being under their parents’ watchful eyes.  Making one’s outdoor space kid-friendly and kid-safe can be relatively easy and will encourage children to get fresh air and exercise instead of being underfoot indoors. The backyard is also the perfect place for kids who spend too much time indoors playing video and computer games.

More and more manufacturers are developing products that are designed for children. ZipJack Custom Umbrellas (Elmsford, New York) makes special outdoor umbrellas, called “kidbrellas,” that are designed for young children.  They come in a variety of designs and colors, and are a great way to keep kids in the shade while playing in the sandbox or in a play area. They easily convert from table umbrella to other spots in the backyard.

Customers with large yards may also want to consider swing sets or play structures, which all children love. Eastern Jungle Gym (Carmel, New York) manufactures a wide range of high-quality, innovative play structures, including their attractive cedar swing sets that blend in nicely with outdoor spaces.

Supreme Model by Eastern Jungle Gym

Along with outdoor play structures and playful umbrellas, there are many other products that help kids get the most of the patio or outdoor space.  Ping-pong tables, sandboxes, clubhouses, tree swings, hammocks, tetherballs, fire pits, pools, and trampolines can all provide many hours of enjoyment. With a backyard filled with kid-friendly products, you can even forgo the family trip this year!

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