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Getting to Know Your Woods

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Buying new patio furniture can be a daunting task.  With such a variety of styles, materials and manufacturers in the marketplace, consumers are often perplexed about what they should buy.

Cedar Twin Ponds Bench Set by Creekvine Designs

One of the biggest choices when buying patio furniture is determining whether it should be made of wood or metal.  If a consumer decides to go with wood, it’s a good idea to educate them about the various types of wood products that are available and how they differ.

Three of the most popular wood types are:

Teak:  A very durable wood that needs little maintenance besides light cleaning or sanding.  It’s a dense, straight-grained wood that does not warp or crack.  Teak is also tough when it comes to wet climates. Over time teak will fade to a gray color.

Cedar: Like teak, cedar (Northern White and Western Red) is very resistance to weather and bugs.  It is lightweight, extremely durable, and has an interesting grain pattern. 

Pine: Pine is often popular due to its affordability and availability.  One has to keep in mind that unlike other woods, pine is an untreated wood, which can lead to rot.  It can often be treated to improve its durability.

Of course, the three listed above are not the only woods out there for consumers.  Some other woods include: Redwood, Roble, Cypress, Alder and Brazilian Cherry.  Regardless of which type of wood your customer is considering, the features they will be interested include affordability, durability, maintenance, and presentation. A knowledgeable sales staff will help customers find the right products that match their lifestyles.

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