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Patio Furniture Maintenance 101

Ashbury Collection from OW Lee.

Customers are always interested in knowing what they can do to help their patio furniture survive the elements. Whether they’re constructed of teak, powder-coated metal, wicker, polyethylene, vinyl, fiberglass, or other materials, outdoor furniture can take a beating from the hot sun, rain, and dust. Even in places like Southern California or Florida, where the weather is not as pronounced, patio furniture can lose its luster due to tree and plant sap, leaf stains, bird droppings, barbecue smoke, dirt, etc.

To help your customers keep their furniture vibrant, month after month, year after year, here are some tips to share with them:

  • Before you make your purchase, think about the quality of the piece you are buying.  Outdoor furniture is an investment and a higher quality product from a specialty store instead of Wal-Mart will last longer.
  • The cushions need to be made for outdoor use. A manufacturer like Sunbrella® makes fabric that is designed to hold up in any kind of weather.
  • Furniture covers, such as those made by Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living, help keep away bugs, birds, and the weather.  They are especially helpful if you don’t have indoor storage space for your furniture.
  • Stock up on cleaning products. 303 Products, Inc., makes a great line of cleansers and protectants especially designed for patio furniture.

303 Patio Furniture Cleaner

  • One of best ways to keep your furniture looking new is to store your furniture in a garage or storage unit during extended bad weather.
  • Finally, following the manufacturer’s guide will insure that you get the most out of your furniture.