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Spicing Up Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor dining set with cushions in Canvas Navy and decorative pillows in Steeplechase Malibu. Photo courtesy of Sunbrella.

Many customers today are looking for inexpensive ways to spruce up their outdoor areas. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use accessories such
as toss pillows and cushions. Whether the goal is to breathe life into an old patio furniture set or to start out with a fresh, brand-new new collection, adding color and life through the use of pillows and cushions can bring an exciting new look to a backyard. Selecting the right fabrics and designs can even make outdoor spaces look like extensions of a home—and customers can achieve this without having to pay exorbitant remodeling costs!

Over the years fabrics for outdoor furniture have become more comfortable and durable. Quality cushions and throw pillows are easy to obtain and can help spice
up even worn chaises or club chairs. Rotating out two different sets can help bring a familiar piece back to life.

When helping customers select the right pillows or cushions, these tips will help:

  • For a coordinated look, choose colors and patterns that complement the interior of the house.
  • Consider big, bold colors and patterns.
  • Zippered pillows and cushions are easier to keep clean and maintain.
  • If they have a table, they should coordinate the color scheme with matching tablecloths or placemats.
  • Encourage them to have fun selecting these creative accessories!

Furniture and decorative pillows in fabrics from the Sunbrella Horizons Collection. Sunbrella rug by CMI. Sunbrella throw by Textillery. Photo courtesy of Sunbrella Fabrics.

One must remember that while these cushions and pillows are made out of fabric meant for the outdoors, it’s best to keep them out of harsh weather or keep them in storage if not in use.  This will help avoid the fading of color or increased deterioration of the fabric.