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Moving the Family Room Outdoors

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Arrington Firepit Chat Group by Agio

Nowadays more and more people want to make their outdoor space an extension of their interior space.  Adding more comfortable chairs, outdoor dishwashers and outdoor TVs are all signs of this trend.  Another big sign is the use of outdoor fireplaces.  Outdoor fireplaces provide ambiance, warmth, and a focal element in a design scheme.

As your customers shop for furniture and accessories for their outdoor rooms, suggesting the addition of an outdoor fireplace or firepit can help them make this transformation complete.

There are two popular designs when choosing an outdoor fireplace: chimeneas and custom-built fireplaces and fire pits.

A chimenea, also spelled chiminea, is Spanish for chimney.  Constructed from natural materials like clay or metals, chimeneas are typically front-loading and are designed to hold wood or charcoal.  They have a circular basin and elongated flues, which allows air to circulate and keep out the elements.

Preassembled or custom-built firepits or fireplaces are another option for homeowners.  They allow people to use either propane or natural gas and they can also be fitted well into an existing landscape design.

Carol Rose Coastal Collection by Empire Comfort

These various options have their advantages and disadvantages, so make sure that customers know what they want for their outdoor space in terms of design and use.

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