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Bring Music to the Patio

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Outdoor Rock Speakers from Paradigm


Whether it’s entertaining family and friends or spending time with your loved ones, music can bring atmosphere and life to any environment.  And there is no reason why your patio or outdoor space should be left in silence.  The custom outdoor speakers from Paradigm can weather the elements while providing music all day and night.

Before purchasing outdoor speakers, here are some tips to keep in mind from

1. Consider how exposed the speakers may be. If the speakers are not weather proof, make sure they are placed in a protected area.

2. Place speakers at or above eye-level.  The higher the speakers, the farther the sound will travel. However, placing the speakers higher than 10 feet will weaken the sound.

3. Place the speakers a bit apart. Place the speakers around the listening area, pointing inward, about 10 feet away from one another.

4. Alternate speaker channels.  If using more than two speakers on one exterior wall, be sure to mix the left and right channels. That way, you’ll get the stereo effect evenly distributed throughout the listening area. Place left channel speakers in opposite corners from one another, likewise with right channel.

5. Don’t boost the volume. If you are not getting the coverage you want, you might want to add speakers in the weak areas.

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