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Bring the Flavor of India to Your Home

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If I were to mention the word “tandoor,” what comes to mind?  Some people might think of Tandoori Chicken — an Indian roasted chicken recipe consisting of a variety of spices.  But “tandoor” really refers to the type of oven used not only in Indian cuisine, but also in many other types of Middle Eastern fare.

The tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven, essentially a large pot that does not have a bottom and is tapered at the mouth.  Charcoal fire or wood fire, burning inside the tandoor, is used to create high temperatures of about 480°C (or 900°F).  Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, and breads like naan are foods that are typically cooked in a tandoor.

The Tandoor.

In a recent article in The New York Times, Ron Levy, a ceramic artist, described how he started getting calls years ago from the Indian community asking him if he could make them a tandoor oven.  This first order was back in 1986 and now for over the past 30 years, Levy has been making tandoor ovens for various restaurants.  Levy has since created a tandoor for the home called the “Homdoor” and he recently partnered with a ceramics company in Ohio to manufacture these cookers in order to meet increased demand.

Now homeowners who want to experience a new kind of outdoor cooking can bring India to their backyard. For more information, contact:

By Amanda Daus

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