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Life on the Road

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RV life from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association

RVs made their debut not long after the car was invented.  Being able to travel from one place to another while having all the amenities of home has always appealed to many people.  And it’s no surprise that with the coming of new technology, RVs are getting fancier. Did you know that people are even installing fireplaces in their beloved RVs?

The two most practical choices for RVs are electric or gel fuel fireplaces. In the past, the flames of electric fireplaces did not look real, but technological advances have changed all of this and their authentic flames can now make an RV feel very cozy inside. Gel fuel fireplaces can be situated just about anywhere inside an RV because there are no wires to take into consideration. They can also operate during a power outage.

Along with fireplaces, RV owners are installing everything from whirlpool bathtubs and home-theater units to designer furniture and high-end appliances. RV owners also purchase portable barbecue grills and outdoor cooking accessories, since they prepare much of their meals on the road.

The Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill perfect for travel.

Especially popular among baby boomers and retirees, RVs allow people to trade their home for a life on the road after raising kids and working.  Whether it’s following the Oregon Trail or Route 66, having an RV makes all these trips feasible and more comfortable. We’re pleased to see that RV owners are installing fireplaces and buying portable grills for their “homes away from home” and we look forward to seeing a lot more growth in this area!

By Amanda Daus

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