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Beyond Brick and Mortar

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With the Internet playing such a major role today in how businesses reach their customers, it’s no surprise to now find companies without actual storefronts.  Instead, these companies rely on supplying quality products (along with savvy internet marketing and first-rate customer service) to attract potential customers.

John Webber, founder of StrataShops, realized that he could run a profitable furniture company without the storefront.  Having previous success selling hacky-sacks through the Web in the late 1990s, Webber realized that a similar  opportunity presented itself in the outdoor furniture industry. Why not have a web-based company that brings quality patio furniture to the people without the hassle of having an actual store?

NorthCape - Malibu Grande

NorthCape - Malibu Grande

StrataShops has partnered with high quality manufacturers (such as NorthCape International) and speedy distribution vendors to ensure that the furniture reaches their customers quickly and safely.

Webber emphasizes that customer service plays the biggest role when dealing with people through the Web, due to not having that personalized approach one would have with a brick-and-mortar store.  Cultivating a relationship with that customer is key in order to help them create their perfect outdoor oasis.

“Our goal is to help people kind of build that outdoor space. We have clients, who email us and live chat,” said John Webber in a recent article in Shore Magazine.

At the end of the day, StrataShops is like any other outdoor furniture business.  It relies on quality products and excellent customer service–only it does it all through the Web.

By Amanda Daus

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