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It’s time to face the grill ladies!

Sure we can bake chocolate cake on the spot and whip up spaghetti for the family, but what about barbecuing chicken? It’s time to stop living in fear of the grill ladies and start cooking in a way that has typically been seen as a “manly duty.”  Whether you’re a wife whose husband is out of town or a single lady craving a hamburger, using the grill should be seen as another cooking option instead of an obstacle.

Chicken cooking on the Companion Group's Moistly Grilled® cast-iron vessel.

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, Jennifer Gardner, a food and travel writer, realized that she could make just about anything in the kitchen, except she did not know how to use the outdoor grill.  In her piece she mentioned how the men in her life, whether it was a husband or father, always took over the barbecuing duties, thus leaving her behind in the kitchen away from the hot grill.  With the help of a Barbecue Boot Camp, Gardner spent a weekend learning the “ins and outs” of grilling.  Charcoal vs. Gas?  How do I know when the coals are ready? When will I know if the steak is done?  All of these questions were answered and Gardner emerged armed with the knowledge to challenge any seasoned griller.

Like any new task one sets out to accomplish, mastering grilling just takes a little bit of patience, practice and in this case, some sweat.  Any woman who wants to learn how to grill can master this skill.  At the Patio & Hearth Blog, we’ve collected some resources to help out those who want to add grilling to their list of cooking accomplishments!

Girls at the will help meet all your basic questions.

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association has a wide range of information, from safety tips to popular accessories.

Grilling has tips on anything you would want to know.



By Amanda Daus

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