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Cooling Shade

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The PS5000 from Solair

Extended awnings help create the ultimate outdoor-living experience from a design standpoint and also provide strong protection from the summer sun. When extended during peak sunlight hours, an awning can significantly lower the indoor temperature of a home, which can reduce the need for costly air conditioning.

Debuted in 2010, Solair® Shade Solutions is a line of residential shade products from Tri Vantage® that have become very popular with homeowners due to their stylish looks and ability to provide shade in large outdoor areas. The use of Sunbrella® fabrics in Solair awnings means that customers do not need to sacrifice protection from the sun for added style.

The PS2000 from Solair

Solair’s PS2000 features 10’2” of protection, comes with 14 Quick Ship Sunbrella fabric options, and is available in three widths. The PS5000 is available in more than 100 stylish Sunbrella fabric choices and has three projections with custom widths ranging from 10’ to 25’.

With Solair, a homeowner can count on superior quality and style, not to mention the best in protection from summer’s rays.


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