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Twin Eagles’ Sales Soar

Twin Eagles’ new 54-inch Premium Grill

Twin Eagles’ goal is to help provide quality products that create full-service, fully functioning outdoor kitchens. Dante Cantal, Twin Eagles’ founder, had more than 30 years of experience as a leading gas engineer when he created Twin Eagles. Now Twin Eagles, based in Cerritos, California, is one of the leading manufacturers of premium grills and outdoor kitchens. Specialty hearth, grill, and casual-furniture dealers are attracted to Twin Eagles’ products because of their exclusive features and benefits. Here are two new products that are proving to be hot sellers.

Twin Eagles’ 2-Ring Power Burner

Twin Eagles’ new oversized cast brass, 2-Ring Power Burner is the most powerful residential burner of its kind, reaching 70,000 Btu. The burner is specifically designed to deliver the intense, focused heat that is essential when cooking with an oversized stockpot or wok. The 2-Ring Power Burner is also capable of delivering low heat for simmering.

Twin Eagles’ new 54-inch Premium Grill features 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel burners with a 25,000 Btu output and lifetime warranty. It comes with high-quality ceramic briquettes, a variable heat level infrared sear zone, hexagonal grates for more surface-to-food contact, zone dividers to regulate different temperatures, reliable hot surface ignition, and easy-to-open hood assist system. Other features include: interior lights with hood activated light switch for nighttime grilling, decorative LED control panel lights, a multi-position and stow away warming rack, two independently controlled infrared rotisserie burners, and a large capacity smoker box.



Twin Eagles

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Hot Off the Grill!

Skewer Station by The Companion Group

The right grilling accessories can make barbecuing go more smoothly, allowing more time to socialize with family and friends. From meat thermometers to spatulas, accessories can make the difference in having a successful grilling experience. So if you plan on barbecuing this 4th of July or on any other special occasion, check out some of these new tools for the grill.

The Skewer Station by The Companion Group allows easy serving of grilled meats and vegetables. After hanging the skewers, guests can simply push the meat and or vegetables from the skewer with the included fork onto their plate underneath. Friends and families will have fun customizing their entrées with the Skewer Station.

The Big Green Egg BBQ Guru DigiQ

The Big Green Egg BBQ DigiQ temperature control system is designed to hold the devised temperature in one’s EGG for hours on end, and will even gradually lower the cooking temperature when done, so foods don’t become overcooked.



The Companion Group

Big Green Egg

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Luxury Inside and Out

Twilight Modern from Outdoor Lifestyles by Hearth & Home Technologies

Now homeowners can have their fireplaces outside as well as inside. With modern fuel and venting technology, homeowners can enjoy their fireplace while relaxing under the stars. Here are just two fireplaces that are perfectly suited for the outdoors.

The Twilight Modern from Outdoor Lifestyles by Hearth & Home Technologies taps into two major trends: contemporary design and outdoor living. This indoor/outdoor see-through gas fireplace provides an elegant setting whether relaxing inside or socializing outdoors.

Sapphire Gel-fuel Fireplace by Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Made from stainless steel, the Sapphire Gel-Fuel Fireplace by Outdoor GreatRoom Company is a portable wall-mount fireplace. It can easily be placed in the living room during the winter and then outside on the patio during the spring. This wall-mounted fireplace runs on clean-burning gel fuel and looks stunning in any setting.


Hearth & Home Technologies

Outdoor GreatRoom Company

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Fabrics That Wow!

Richloom’s Ventura-Signot

Tangerine. Marine Blue. Fire Engine Red. These are only a few of the popular colors featured in outdoor settings this season. Bold hues are in- whether in vibrant solid designs or in fun patterns. In addition to introducing these spunky colors, manufacturers are also playing with textures and effects to enhance the outdoor living experience. Given the wide range of durable outdoor fabrics available today, outdoor spaces can be just as inviting as interior rooms.

Richloom Fabrics Group has seen major growth in its soft products, such as sheer panels and poufs used for decorating outdoor spaces. Sheer panels used in combination with bold colors and patterns create an extension of indoor window treatments. Richloom’s Ventura-Signot is an example of the company’s sheer offerings.

Sunbrella Heathered Canvas by Glen Raven

Glen Raven/Sunbrella® has also introduced new designs that transition well with indoor spaces. Several of its Sunbrella offerings have a “heather” effect, providing a natural, almost homespun, look that consumers love. This heather effect can be applied to both striped patterns as well as canvas, resulting in a fresh new aesthetic and a great value at retail.



Glen Raven/Sunbrella

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The Perfect Backyard Getaway

Custom Islands by Galaxy Outdoors

With the high cost of gasoline and air fares, more people are spending summer vacations at home. Homeowners are putting more money into their outdoor spaces not only for entertainment value, but also to create relaxing retreats from everyday life. As this trend continues, the market for outdoor kitchens will continue to grow. If you don’t currently cater to this market, now’s the time to offer products and services to this growing market. Two manufacturers that specialize in the outdoor kitchen industry are Galaxy Outdoor and R.H. Peterson.

Galaxy Outdoor’s 100% U.S.-made custom islands are easy to assemble and allow endless design possibilities. With over 40 different built-in stainless steel components available, homeowners will have fun building the outdoor kitchens of their dreams with the gadgets they want to use.

The R.H. Peterson E790i

The R.H. Peterson E790i is the perfect grill for those who like to entertain during warm summer evenings. Whether it’s used for a large potluck for the little league team or for a small family dinner gathering, the E790i will get the job done. The unit offers 792 square inches of cooking surface and includes a wood chip smoker, back-lit safety knobs, Heat Zone separators, and much more.



Galaxy Outdoor

R.H. Peterson

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Chic Shade

All American Market Wood AERO from ZipJack

Outdoor umbrellas have evolved into sleek decorative and functional pieces for many different types of outdoor spaces. In the past, they were used solely to provide protection from the sun, but now consumers, designers, and manufacturers recognize that umbrellas offer a luxurious look to backyards and patios. With a variety of stand and canopy designs available, homeowners can get a fashionable umbrella that complements the unique style of their outdoor areas.

Gracing cafes, restaurants, and clubs across the world, the All American Market Wood AERO from ZipJack is a regal addition to any setting. Form and function are combined in the patented canopy design. This umbrella offers a distinctive style and allows crosswinds and updrafts to easily glide through the venting system. Easy maintenance also enhances its attractiveness.

TUUCI’s Plantation MAX cantilever

TUUCI’s Plantation MAX cantilever creates a cool retreat with warm ambience. Its exclusive Aluma-TEAK state-of-the-art hardwood finish is combined with TUUCI’s durable Amor-Wall Aluminum construction, making it guaranteed to endure for generations. It also features classic European tailoring and provides 144 square feet of uninterrupted shade and ambience.




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Summer Sling

Dash Sling by Telescope Casual

Sling patio furniture is a popular choice for those in hot climates, but it’s also a perfect choice for homeowners in any region of the country who want pieces that are easy to maintain and bring a contemporary look to their outdoor spaces.

Dash Sling by Telescope Casual features a contemporary outside stack sled base design. Designed with the younger generation in mind, the goal was to create an attractive, affordable, and more temporary collection. This collection is also at home in any commercial application. Dash Sling is available in a vast selection of sling fabrics.

South Beach Padded Sling by Tropitone

Tropitone’s South Beach Padded Sling outdoor furniture collection by noted designer Richard Holbrook takes Tropitone’s contemporary design to a new level. To keep up with the needs of modern exteriors and landscape architecture, Tropitone introduced its padded sling seating system. A two-piece, two sided fabric seat is slung across the seat and back frame, creating a modern look while providing enhanced comfort.


Telescope Casual


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Smokin’ Grills

Big Joe from Kamado Joe

Smokers have been growing in popularity over the past few years, thanks in part to the kamado style grill that has taken the barbecue world by storm. Kamado cookers are usually egg-shaped and feature a thick ceramic wall that helps insulate and trap the heat. Most of these grills use charcoal, which makes them relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain. Here are two kamado style grills that homeowners might have a strong interest in.

Big Joe from Kamado Joe is engineered to outsell all other XL grills. It is upgraded with a split fire box and split heat deflector for simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Big Joe’s most innovative features include a counterbalanced hinge for sturdiness and easy opening, and a new internal ash collector for quick cleaning.

Big Green Egg in a Nest with Mates

The Big Green Egg is loved by “Eggheads” throughout the world for its precise temperatures, heat retention, and bold color. It can grill, smoke or bake, making it one of the most versatile grills on the market. The Big Green Egg is also widely praised because it’s easy to maintain and keep clean.


Kamado Joe

Big Green Egg

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Fireside Chats

The Largo Chat Pit by OW Lee

Firepits now come in a variety of styles and sizes to match any decor. A homeowner can purchase a firepit that will not only blend into their surrounding outdoor space, but also will provide warmth and an inviting feeling. Chat height firepits and firepit tables are great for those who love to have family and friends over.

The Largo Chat Pit from OW Lee is designed for all outdoor gathering and entertaining areas. It is 24 inches high and 43 inches wide, it includes a 10×30 inch burner, and it is compatible with 36×58 inch hearth tops. Shown with the Silana seating collection, the Largo chat pit is the perfect accessory to complete any outdoor space.

Rodeo by California Outdoor Concepts

California Outdoor Concepts unveils yet another breathtaking series of firepit tables, the Elegant Series. The Rodeo brings you the Art Deco look of old Hollywood, with its sleek, Modernist shape. Fire glowing off reflective glass, in the center stainless-steel firepit, surely will give your backyard that million-dollar appeal.



OW Lee

California Outdoor Concepts

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Hot Hearths

American Hearth’s Boulevard by Empire Comfort Systems

Minimal fireplace designs and sleek surrounds have risen in popularity over the years. Many homeowners now want contemporary looking hearths that have simple lines and polished finishes instead of traditional designs. The summer months make it the perfect time to upgrade one’s fireplace or maybe install a new one before the fall and winter months. Featured here are two models that are sure to turn heads.

Designed for in-wall installation at eye level, the American Hearth’s Boulevard linear vent-free fireplace by Empire Comfort Systems comes backed by an accessory catalog that lets consumers mix and match to create dozens of unique looks. Available polished porcelain liners include an elegant black, a surreal cobalt blue, and a stunning white.

Valor L1 Linear Series

Showcasing leading edge design, quality finishes and high efficiency, the L1 Series combines Valor’s proven performance with the latest in linear design. The L1 provides two stunning fuel bed designs known as the Long Beach & Murano Glass, both backed by steady, radiant warmth. Fire bed liners include sand fluted, black fluted and black reflective enamel.


Empire Comfort Systems