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The pizzacraft™ Square Tile Pizza Stones from The Companion Group

Cleaning brushes, long-handled tongs, and spatulas are all essentials for mastering the grill. But now chili-pepper grill racks, pizza stones, and hi-tech thermometers are becoming mandatory accessories as well. With the introduction of so many new and fun accessories, barbecuing has become more popular and creative than ever. If you’re looking for some exciting new accessories for the grill, check out these two manufacturers’ products that will enhance the outdoor cooking experience.

The pizzacraft™ Square Tile Pizza Stones from The Companion Group are perfect for pizza enthusiasts. This set of four, thermal shock resistant, cordierite baking tiles is ideal for making individual pizzas on the grill or even in the oven. Reconfigure the tiles to form a larger baking structure for full-size pizzas or loaves of bread.

Barbecue Accessories from Bull Outdoor Products

Whether you’re new to grilling or looking to expand your accessory collection, Bull Outdoor Products has a total of 63 unique items to help with all your barbecue needs. From basic tools like brushes basting tools to woks and koozies, Bull Outdoor prides itself on quality and fun.


The Companion Group

Bull Outdoor Products

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