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Lennox’ Ravenna Direct-Vent Gas Insert (Contemporary Face)

Technology has advanced to the point where stylish fireplaces can now be installed in just about any room of the house. Thanks to a myriad of direct vent and ventless options (including electric and gas models), homeowners can now install fireplaces in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, as well as in traditional family rooms and living rooms. Finding the perfect show-stopping fireplace for one’s home is easier than ever before.

The Lennox Ravenna Direct-Vent Gas Insert (Contemporary face) is the ideal option for those who want to have a more modern look and feel for their fireplace. By eliminating the grills, clean lines keep the focus on the dancing flames and glowing embers.

Napoleon’s IR Series Direct Vent Gas Inserts

Napoleon’s new IR Series Direct Vent Gas Inserts feature Napoleon’s advanced infrared technology and flame modulation. The new XIR gas inserts offer a modulating dual burner system that results in a firebox filled with a stunning triple flame pattern.



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