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Umbrellas Keep Evolving

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Collar-tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden

Customers are becoming far more selective about their shade solutions than in the past. They want umbrellas that will complement their unique settings and lifestyles. They also have specific preferences about fabric color, design, and even construction. Umbrellas are no longer just used for creating shade—they’re part of the overall design of an outdoor setting. To meet these demands, manufacturers offer a wide variety of umbrellas.

The collar-tilt collection from Treasure Garden is one example of how far outdoor umbrellas have come. This premier collar-tilt style makes shade as easy as twisting the collar once the umbrella is cranked up and tilting the canopy to obtain infinite degrees of shade and comfort.

Amalfi Umbrella from Caravita

Caravita continues to provide versatile, high-fashion umbrellas. The Amalfi pendulum cantilever has a powerful arm that lifts its shade high above any outdoor dining table or seating area. It offers an unobstructed view with the options of rotating 360 degrees or being permanently affixed to any deck surface or even wall mounted.

In today’s challenging economy, some umbrella manufacturers have found success marketing to the contract/hospitality sector. Whether it’s a homeowner or hotel owner, customers are demanding stylish and versatile umbrellas to meet their shade needs.


Treasure Garden


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