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Retro is Back

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Outfitting one’s home with antiques and retro-inspired furniture and accessories has grown in popularity over the years.  But now this trend has even gone towards appliances. Consumers drawn to this nostalgic look may even want to consider a vintage robin’s egg blue refrigerator or flamingo pink stove and oven.

Northstar by Elmira Stove Works

Elmira Stove Works (Elmira, Ontario) is one company which has been capitalizing on vintage appliance designs and currently offers consumers retro-looking appliances with state-of-the-art technology. The appliances are redesigned with modern conveniences, such as convection and self-cleaning functions in the Elmira ranges and ice makers in the company’s refrigerators. One of its newest products is a 1950s’ retro-styled refrigerator with a draft beer keg system. The look of the retro appliances diverges from the sharp, sleek lines of modern stainless steel and commercial-grade appliances that are often hidden behind wood panels.

Tony Dowling, business development manager at Elmira, says that many people fall in love with Elmira Stove Works’ vintage designs almost immediately because the appliances remind them of a happier, simpler time.   Whatever the reason for wanting a retro-designed refrigerator or stove, these appliances will become conversation pieces in any kitchen. All one has to do is add a checkered floor to complete the look of that bygone era!

Elmira Stove Works:


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