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Staying in the Shade

With summer’s longer, warmer days, being able to enjoy one’s patio space while keeping cool is a concern for many consumers. Creating shade with the help of an umbrella, pavilion or awning can make the outdoor space more stylish and comfortable.

Galtech's Faux Tiki Thatch Umbrella

Along with creating a more welcoming and visually appealing environment, umbrellas and awnings can also help minimize the dangerous UVA/UVB sunrays that can lead to sunburn.

Retailers are noticing that customers shopping for shade products these days are not only demanding larger sizes to offer maximum protection from the sun, they’re also drawn to bold designs and colors (including Hot Pink!). Durability and ease of use are the other features that consumers consider when selecting a shade product.

Pictured above is Galtech’s Faux Tiki Thatch Umbrella, which has been a perennial best seller for several years. The realistic looking polypropylene thatch canopy is featured with Galtech’s exclusive hand-painted bamboo aluminum auto tilt umbrella frame.