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Outdoor Pizza Ovens On The Rise

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Pizza has always been a favorite for adults and children, so it’s no surprise that pizza would find its way outdoors and on the grill.

Grilling pizza has grown in popularity over the years and many manufacturers, such as Bull Outdoor Products and Stone Age Manufacturing, now make outdoor pizza ovens.

Stone Age Manufacturing's MezzoT Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Stone Age Manufacturing’s MezzoT Wood-Fired Pizza Oven features an arched-roof design (reminiscent of the traditional ovens of the old world) and offers plenty of thermal mass for optimum cooking performance. Constructed of reinforced refractory concrete, the MezzoT is simple to assemble and will provide years of trouble-free cooking enjoyment.


Bull Outdoor's Portable Pizza Oven

Pictured above is Bull Outdoor’s portable pizza oven. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, it features a separate oven and firebox, smokestack, and cart shelves. The oven measures 19.5 inches wide by 14.25 inches deep by 55.5 inches tall.

Pizza has always been a food that brings friends and family together. With its limitless possibilities of toppings and the ability to serve many, it has become a staple for game days, birthday parties and family nights.  And now with pizza ovens, the fun can be moved outdoors into one’s patio space.

To help get things started with one’s pizza oven, here’s a recipe for homemade pizza dough: recipe here

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