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Sleek Stoves

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Contemporary by Blaze King

In the past, stoves were designed primarily for heat production and their appearances were either obtrusive or plain. All of that has changed. Manufacturers today have given traditional stoves a makeover. Today’s stoves are stylish and can fit into any contemporary or transitional setting. Here are a couple of modern stoves that will please any homeowner.

The Contemporary from Blaze King is an incredibly affordable, all-inclusive direct-vent unit rated at 27,000 Btu, making it the perfect answer to the zone-heating question. Multiple trim packages are available, but with a black door, the Contemporary has a fire that is stunning. The unit comes complete with variable-speed fans; a wall-mounted thermostat; and decorative burner, log set, and back panels.

Contemporary Cosmo 1147 in Soapstone from Wittus

Energy efficient and clean burning at 81%, the Cosmo 1147 in soapstone from Wittus is a natural match for Mother Nature’s plan. This stove uses the unique DuplicAir system, which integrates the control of the air supply needed for stove lighting and combustion, producing the result of a hotter fire with very little ash. The Cosmo series includes 10 additional styles in a choice of black or gray steel, with a cast-iron top and door and side cladding choices of soapstone and sandstone on most models.


Blaze King


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