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All American Market Wood AERO from ZipJack

Outdoor umbrellas have evolved into sleek decorative and functional pieces for many different types of outdoor spaces. In the past, they were used solely to provide protection from the sun, but now consumers, designers, and manufacturers recognize that umbrellas offer a luxurious look to backyards and patios. With a variety of stand and canopy designs available, homeowners can get a fashionable umbrella that complements the unique style of their outdoor areas.

Gracing cafes, restaurants, and clubs across the world, the All American Market Wood AERO from ZipJack is a regal addition to any setting. Form and function are combined in the patented canopy design. This umbrella offers a distinctive style and allows crosswinds and updrafts to easily glide through the venting system. Easy maintenance also enhances its attractiveness.

TUUCI’s Plantation MAX cantilever

TUUCI’s Plantation MAX cantilever creates a cool retreat with warm ambience. Its exclusive Aluma-TEAK state-of-the-art hardwood finish is combined with TUUCI’s durable Amor-Wall Aluminum construction, making it guaranteed to endure for generations. It also features classic European tailoring and provides 144 square feet of uninterrupted shade and ambience.




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