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Cushions: It’s Not Just About the Fabric

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The manufacturers of outdoor cushions have made major strides in recent years by developing products that are both comfortable and long-lasting.  Some of the best cushions on the market can hold up for countless seasons and are much easier to clean than in the past.  When purchasing cushions, today’s customers seek out all-weather cushions that are also water-repellant.  Two manufacturers that are well recognized for making durable and comfortable cushions are Crest Foam and Over and Under, Inc.

Crest Foam's EZ-Dri

Crest Foam’s EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam outdoor cushions dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing or other forms of moisture and humidity.  Large, open pores allow maximum drainage and air circulation, permitting use quickly after cushions have been wet or even saturated.  With EZ-Dri outdoor cushioning materials, customers can achieve the best of both worlds: long-lasting wear and comfort combined with fast drying.

Over and Under, Inc. - High Performance Cushion

Over and Under, Inc. is another company that specializes in custom outdoor cushions.  All of their cushions are made to the customer’s specifications, using the latest in high-tech materials and innovative custom crafting – and they are backed by a five-year warranty.  Since their low-maintenance, mold-free high-performance outdoor cushions are designed to dry in three hours or less, customers are able to spend more time enjoying their outdoor space than fussing with soggy cushions.


Crest Foam

Over and Under, Inc.

One thought on “Cushions: It’s Not Just About the Fabric

  1. Very informative article. One should really have knowledge for home accessories. Few months back I purchased scatter cushions, designer pillows, cotton bed sheets and some bathroom accessories sets from Laura Ashley USA. They have a great collection for these products. Check out their website for more details!

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