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European Home – Renovating Early Modernism

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An Interview with Architect Gary Wolf

Edwin Goodell Jr. was an early and influential modernist architect but his name in the history books is often overshadowed by his colleague, Walter Gropius.  One of Goodell’s early homes sits on a rocky New England hillside in Weston, MA and recently underwent a renovation by Wolf Architects.  Gary Wolf has made a name for himself through his innovative contemporary designs as well as a reputation for thoughtful historic preservation.  We had the pleasure to tour this newly renovated modernist gem, featuring a Bidore 95 modern fireplace, with Gary and homeowner Catherine Riedel and ask the question, “how do you renovate an architectural icon?”

Read the Full Interview…

Dwell on Design 2018: A Modern Prefab takes Center Stage

At Dwell on Design 2018 Method Homes presented a custom prefab from their brand new Option Series, a design collaboration between Method and  Grouparchitect.  The house was thoughtfully staged by star interior designer Jennifer Farrell who utilized large, bold wall coverings and natural textures to create a truly organic modern experience.  The focal point of the main living space was a 5′ wide frameless modern fireplace by  Element4.  The Modore 140 MKII, linear direct-vent fireplace, featured a unique concrete style interior for an added textural appeal.

Watch the Video and Tour the Prefab…

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 6.49.26 PM.png

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