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The Live-Fire Cooking Trend is on Fire

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posterWhat do you call an innovative fire-pit and mobile camp-fire cooker in one? Kevin Dusold calls it OPENFIRE.

In large part the OPENFIRE product line is the answer to a larger US trend evidenced by the following:

-Bon Apetit Magazine named Live-Fire Cooking the technique of the year 2015

-Francis Mallmann is fast becoming a household name in American culinary circles after the release of Chef’s Table on Netflix in 2015 (he is a Live Fire chef and one of the biggest food stars in South America)

– Man Fire Food is one of the highest rated shows on the Food Channel

– and it is focused on Live-Fire cooking methods.

of-roasting-hotdog-copyThis trend has becoming quickly embraced by the American public who celebrate it through the aforementioned magazines and television shows. However, until the OPENFIRE line of products there has been no practical product that is both affordable and quality that allows admirers’ of the trend to become participants. OPENFIRE allows participation.

OPENFIRE is also the answer to an American barbeque industry that is becoming hyper focused on technology and convenience. These two things have all but stripped the beauty from original grilling technique and any cathartic process that makes being outside and cooking so enjoyable.

of-cooker-product-pic-copyThe OPENFIRE Pit’s origins are an integral part of its appeal. Central Europe is celebrated for its deep metal working and blacksmith roots. Following this tradition, the OPENFIRE Pit is hand-crafted and manufactured with a strong focus on detail and keen sense for design.

The OPENFIRE Pit is made from industrial grade alloy steel. The fire pit/bowl is ¼ inch thick, and able to accommodate many years of fire and inclement weather.

The OPENFIRE Pit is finished with a double coat of black paint that resists temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The paint is applied using Electrophoresis. This method is used for two reasons: to produce an even, sleek, and modern esthetic, and to evenly protect the entire product.

rajc-making-ofThe OPENFIRE Pit’s recommended fuel source is wood, however, charcoal is often a sufficient substitute (if the single objective is cooking).

OPENFIRE is steadfast in its philosophy to make great products by never compromising quality and longevity. This product was designed with a structural integrity that is becoming less prominent in the marketplace. The quality in which the OPENFIRE products are made is fast becoming their identifying characteristic. In the development process, the first step was to establish a substantial foundation giving the product a remarkable lifespan. The process of innovative design began shortly thereafter.

camp-fire-fun-copyThe OPENFIRE Pit was designed to provide the customer with an experience of their choice. Other products dictate what the customer’s experience should be (e.g.: fryer’s are made just for frying, smoker’s just for smoking, and so on). This product has discretely manufactured, optional features to be used if and when desired.

The sheer amount of features relative to the OPENFIRE Pit’s size and esthetic is incredible. All features have been designed into the unit, so it maintains a compact display, while keeping its supreme versatility.

Kevin Dusold of Bimex Corp. has exclusive US importing rights to all OPENFIRE products. For wholesale and retail opportunities please contact him directly at his office: (570) 992-4418

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