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Majestic Brand Re-Launch at Hearth & Home Technologies Brings Numerous Benefits

As a holding entity for multiple iconic brands, Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT), Lakeville, Minnesota, values its long-held reputation among industry dealers and wholesalers. A re-launch of the company’s Majestic Brand is not so much a fix as it is an opportunity to make improvements.

With a team effort led by V.P. Berger, president of HHT, the benefits thus far have been numerous, and stakeholders are pleased with the progress. Patio & Hearth Products Report (P&HPR) sat down with Berger to talk about the specifics of the brand re-launch and what it means for customers.

Patio & Hearth Products Report (P&HPR): How does the Majestic Brand re-launching benefit hearth retailers in the United States and Canada?



V.P. Berger, president, Hearth & Home Technologies, Lakeville, Minnesota: Our areas of focus to help retailers are on products, sales tools, and the value chain. The largest area of focus is on products. Majestic products are now manufactured in our award winning facilities in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and Lake City, Minnesota, which means that retailers will benefit with proven platforms, lean manufacturing capabilities, and the quality they expect from all HHT brands.

In addition to improving the product line, we have also introduced new marketing and sales tools for each of the products. We also believe that shifting Majestic to exclusively wholesale distribution to service dealers will ultimately benefit everyone. It demonstrates our commitment to the wholesale partners, provides them with opportunities to grow their business, while also providing dealers with the tools and services they need to grow their businesses. Dealers will get timely delivery and great service with a proven and capable wholesale partner and distribution network.


Echelon II

P&HPR: What Majestic products are particularly noteworthy in terms of product features and consumer demand?

Berger: We are close to completing a 100% re-launch of the entire Majestic brand which involves a full line of products that deliver the quality and reliability that our customers expect. There is a strong consumer demand for all gas direct vent, inserts and wood products across modern and traditional fireplaces. The new Majestic lineup spreads across all categories with enhanced feature sets that are going to excite customers.

Starting with the recent Quartz (pictured, top left), it provides excellent flexibility for not only consumers, dealers, and customers, but also builders who are looking for a great traditional fireplace or a modern look. The Echelon II is a new linear gas fireplace available in several single-sided and see-through sizes. It has many options for customization, so it hits the sweet spot for consumers looking for a high-end, nearly custom contemporary fireplace, and we are continuing to see excellent growth in this category. The Marquis II is a beautiful gas fireplace with traditional styling. It meets the demand from consumers who want the ambiance of a masonry fireplace, realistic split logs, and all with the convenience of gas.

We are excited about not just one product category, but also the entire product line as we re-launch the entire product line over the next six months.


Marquis II

P&HPR: How is HHT working with specialty retailers, dealers, and wholesalers to accomplish the re-launch of the brand so far?

Berger: It starts with a comprehensive national distribution strategy, and that is what we have done here. We are ensuring customers that their quality, and on-time delivery that they expect, will remain unchanged and uninterrupted. Within 48 hours of announcing this shift, all customers of the Majestic Brand were contacted, and the distribution strategy was explained for the Majestic Brand to service dealers and consumers and how it will benefit all of us.

We have the utmost confidence in our wholesalers to execute this distribution strategy, and ensure that they get the best quality, delivery, and cost as we do it. We are going to equip our wholesalers with the tools necessary to make sure that they are confident and ready to service the dealers in their markets.

P&HPR: What will be happening during the transition period of Sept 2016 and Jan 2017?

Berger: Over the next few months, we are going to work closely with our dealers and wholesalers to ensure that the dealers are informed correctly on who they can buy from, and make sure that they are effectively and efficiently transitioned to a new wholesale partner. We want to ensure that we are maintaining these relationships with the Majestic brand. These hearth retailers will still see the same quality they have come to expect, and we believe they will actually get better service from our wholesale partners who have been committed to us for years and know the brand so well.

P&HPR: What has been the feedback from hearth dealers about this new branding strategy?

Berger: The feedback has been resoundingly positive. We actually announced the brand strategy change back in October of 2015, and that was a comprehensive re-launch of the Majestic brand going back to its heritage of direct vent, gas, and wood burning fireplaces.

Feedback on our distribution has been good across the board. Our wholesale partners appreciate the commitment that we have made to them to help grow their business, and our dealers appreciate the transparency and understand it based on our core strategy. We have assured them that they will continue to receive quality Majestic products in a timely manner, and I think we are all excited about the future of the Majestic brand as we take this step together.









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Galaxy Outdoor Preps November Debut for Enterprise Island


2016 GX Evo Bar Height Table Program (Finished)

LAS VEGAS – The Enterprise Dining / Cooking / Bar manages to combine several things that are already great on their own: a cooking/grill /griddle space where the chef cooks your food right in front of you, a place to seat 6 of your friends or family (optional bar stools counter or bar height), with built-in storage space as well as a built-in umbrella sleeve, (optional 9 ft. tilt umbrella).


2016 GX Evo Bar Table Program  (Finished)

In the heart of the structure is the EVO With its circular flattop cooking surface. EVO lets users prepare virtually any cuisine from any angle. By cooking foods directly on the cook surface, chefs can sear, sauté, grill, toast and stir-fry.

Galaxy Outdoor officials say that “bringing people together around food is our passion. It’s also what inspired us to design and build the most versatile Island/Grill that lets people share the joy of cooking. The Enterprise having a round sitting bar, and the EVO with its circular flattop cooking surface, allows everyone to interact with the chef.”


Counter Table LP Rendering (Front)

The Evo Affinity 30G Cooktop was built to be the centerpiece of the design kitchen. With precise temperature control across dual gas burners and a highly capable cooking surface, the Affinity 30G is the perfect stage to entertain large or small parties. Owners can round up the neighbors and take the party outside to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, but most of all have fun with friends and family.

The new Enterprise Island comes in 36” high counter as well as 42” bar height. Included in the Package is the EVO Grill and S/S Double Doors. Options include Galaxy’s USA made counter or Bar height bar stools, Sunbrella 9’ tilt Umbrella, and LED counter and under bar lighting. It can be ordered totally finished or unfinished.


Counter Table LP Rendering (Night)

Officials at Galaxy plan to start delivery by the first of November 2016. Dealer displays will have as standard equipmentw; heels, gas/electric, LED lighting, and bar stools and umbrella. For Dealers Only, free shipping is offered for display units with dealer margins of 35% plus.

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Momentum Continues to Build at The Fireplace Door Guy

1For more than a quarter century, The Fireplace Door Guy has been providing high quality fireplace doors, freestanding screens, and gas log sets manufactured in the United States. The California-based company has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a garage workshop, and hard work has paid off.

5Now with widely expanded manufacturing capability, Danny Vice, owner of The Fireplace Door Guy, is able to make his wares with even more speed and efficiency—all while delivering year-round and across the country.

2 “We begin with an in-home consultation for each customer to take measurements and choose a design that suits their home,” says Vice. “Once we have all of the specs, we begin the process of handcrafting their fireplace door out of American-made steel. When the door is completed, it is hand painted in an oil-rubbed bronze, black, or grey color.”

3Most other manufacturers take about four to eight weeks to make one customer’s door, but Vice reports that, “Our turn around time is two to three weeks. Depending on the size of the customer’s fireplace, our doors weigh 80 to 100 pounds of solid steel. Our fireplace doors also come with a lifetime guarantee.”


For dealers hoping to capitalize on a customer base that craves customization, products from The Fireplace Door Guy are all hand built, customized one at a time to each customer’s individually chosen design requests. These customers want something made especially and specifically for them, either to fit a uniquely-shaped fireplace or firebox, or something that complements their style and tastes.

4Rustic and modern fireplace doors are doing well these days, and Vice also recently added a new line of modern mantels to complete the look with the modern fireplace doors. “Each of our fireplace doors are handcrafted to the individual customer,” explains Vice. “Customers are also able to create their unique design. We have even had inspiration come from a favorite rug or curtains. It is important to emphasize quality, and that our fireplace doors come from American-made steel. That sets us apart from other dealers.”