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Caliber Culinary Corner + Featured Caliber Dealer

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In this edition of Caliber Culinary Corner, learn how to grill zucchini on any of the Caliber grills, see why Sam loves the Caliber Pro Kamado, tour the Caliber Dealer featured this month (Albano Appliances, NY) and see MODE’s new showroom through the recent NKBA So Cal Chapter event this month.


Caliber Featured Dealer of the Month – Albano Appliances, New York, NY

Albano Appliances is the home of the famed architect, David Rockwell and they have done very well featuring the Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill front and center in their store.  Pictured above in the Albano showroom is owner Fred Albano with business partner and sales manager Michael DiNapoli.


Albano Appliances was the first appliance dealer on the East Coast to have a professional chef on staff and is a big part of their continuing education program.  See Chef Jehan in this video talk about cooking rotisserie chicken on the Caliber Pro Kamado Charcoal Grill/Smoker.


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